What’s in a name?

Q. 53 of 100 that Jesus asked and we must answer.. is coming from Lk. 8:30 “What is your name?”

Now if there is any question that has ability to catch you off guard it’s this one!
Have you ever met someone new.. many times we meet people and we interact with them, in the grocery store, at the drug store, in the skating ring, on the road, even at our churches and some people I have worked with awhile I am still not sure of what their names are… But when it’s not necessary to know their names, I don’t think of it as important if we are only having one isolated incident to ask and record their names in my memory. Because I’m thinking ‘why waste the space in my brain to remember a name of a person I will never see again! What’s in a name?? When I am praying, sometimes I will see a person’s face and they may have even told me their names but I forgot, and I can still pray for them because God knows there name…

Which leads to the dilemma I have with this situation.. Here’s the context… Jesus has come upon an encounter with one the bible can easily call “a demoniac” this man was obviously out there… the outward signs were there.. He had no clothes on…. for a long time! Let’s stop there for a moment.. What person do you know is not ashamed to walk around naked. I was married and had a problem with it in front of my husband.. But this makes it obvious at first glance something else was at work.This man did not live in a house… he lived in tombs.. Amongst dead things.. Now that will preach to someone… Living among dead people is symptomatic that something is not right.. But the spirits in this man recognized Jesus.. and they came and fell before him…. Ok let’s take a real side bar at this point.. He did what?? This evil spirit came and fell before Jesus crying out.. and calling Jesus exactly who He was.. Watch out for people who call Jesus who He is, but have no real reverence for Him.. The demon was asking for mercy, pleading with Jesus for grace..

Now this demonology is not popular talk today because we as humans go to extremes, either every thing is a demon ( someone cut in front of me on the interstate) Or demons don’t exist (It’s just God punishing me or bad luck) When nothing could be further from the truth.. Jesus made it very clear here, He was not dealing with a human being, He was dealing with a spirit and He was still yet, not afraid to confront and conquer it, which should show us that in Christ we have ability to conquer whatever comes…. Through Christ and In Christ daily… alone! The demon called Jesus the Most High God and he had bound a man for a long time, seizing him and giving him strength to break chains, leading him into desert places where he isolated. kind of makes you think twice about some things right..

Here’s the meat! As Jesus was commanding the demon to come out… He asked “What is your name?” Now this was awkward because why did Jesus need to know his name.. On first read this time around, I saw in this that my bible said Jesus had been commanding the demon to come out and it was still yet talking to Him.. Here’s my thought ‘why are you still talking?’ shouldn’t you be gone.. Obviously if Jesus said come out, there is no way your going to disobey.. But my first reaction was.. Jesus was wondering why in the world he was still talking to Him from inside the man.. And said in a very curious way, knowing this was not the same demon He had indeed just cast out.. Amazingly He asks’ the question and the demon answers and says Legion, which means so many demons had inhabited this one person it was amazing.. 3-6000…. You see the name Legion exemplifies a battle.. So obviously this was a spiritual battle and the forces of the spirits had overpowered the strength of the man, but it took many of them and obviously they had gained entrance somehow.. Then all these demons entreated Jesus not to send them to the place they would be eternally punished.. Absolutely hilarious they would recognize His authority, even when we don’t.. It is my prayer today that we would recognize not only the power of knowing the names of others..But knowing the names of God, for when we know and are convinced of His name… At that name every knee must bow and tongue confess and the old church mothers used to say demons have to flee at the name of Jesus..

Take a deep breath and as you breathe out just whisper His name.. Jesus! and soak in His peace and don’t let the moment slip!

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