The Point of Contact!

Q. 55 of 100 that Jesus asked and we must answer: Lk. 8:45 “Who touched me?”

In context, this is a very beautiful verse.. I want to start off telling you this story if you don’t mind. Jairus is a synagogue official if you will.. A man of standing in the community. Can you imagine him watching his wife pregnant with their daughter and being there at the birth, watching his daughter take her first steps who is nameless in this text by the way. Be careful about people who are important enough to mention but not important enough to name there’s some significance in this.. because when they go nameless it could only mean one thing.. that person could refer to any of us. The little girl was seemingly growing strong, up until her 12th year, that’s when it happened, she fell sick and he watched as she wasn’t going to any more sleep overs, and she wasn’t going out to play any more and now her appetite is out of the window and she is not getting out of bed at all..She is… At that point of death.. When he decides…. it’s times to do something.

Jairus goes to see Jesus, because in his mind Jesus was the last resort and indeed the only one who could heal at this point!

However, when he gets to Jesus he doesn’t just stand there and make conversation. He gets on his knees worships and pleads with Jesus to see about his daughter to show it is urgent, and Jesus agrees to go.

On the way there… There’s a lady… A bloody lady… that’s her issue! She’s had it for 12 years.. and she too makes that pivotal decision.. Today I’m going to see Jesus and not only am I going to see Him, I’m going to touch Him. I know He is great enough and in Him there is so much power that if I could only touch Him I know without the shadow of a doubt I could be made whole. She did what she was thinking, it wasn’t just one of those thoughts she tossed aside as in a daydream, she went forth to make it a reality.. That’s when she experienced healing. Jesus called her out to point out one fact.. It wasn’t my clothes that healed you.. It was at the point when you made contact in your faith.. Sitting there thinking how you could get to me so you could be healed. Now of course in this case also Jesus was a last resort. Life had been going out of her for years (the life is in the blood) and she had already spent all her money.. At this point she could in no wise lift herself. She decides… yup! Jesus can do it! And He does, and she walks away whole and free of an issue that had taken up twelve years of her life. I wonder how many of us have issues that we need to take to Jesus and make the point of contact with.. Salvation issues, parenting issues, marital issues, working issues, school issues, mental issues, bleeding issues.. All of them are the same to Him. If we make a point to take them to Him and make contact today we will most certainly see deliverance, and we will see healing like we have never seen before!

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