Identifying Jesus

Q. 56 of 100 questions Jesus asked and we must answer…will come from Luke 9:20 “But who do you say I am?”

Ever heard that catchy statement in church: “what you know about Jesus?” Then the crowd would respond: “He’s alright!” In another sense they are asking us within ourselves to get emotionally excited about a person without acknowledging who He truly is. I wonder what would have happened if Jesus asked his disciples who they thought He was… walking with him for a certain amount of time, seeing his miraculous signs and wonders, knowing His love and genuine faithfulness… Could you really hear one of them opening their mouths to say.. “O you alright Jesus” It’s almost like a slap in his face.. Because alright never makes the cut! If I get “alright” grades in school, I may pass but not with excellence its not exemplifying someone who truly understood the material. I’m not making fun of the colloquialism but really wanting us to think and put emphasis on our words.

In this context I don’t think Jesus was so interested in what others thought about him. It is true there are many different kinds of churches out there today and many more kinds of religions and faiths. I will never forget the year I took philosophy and world religions, it was as if I were having a culture shock…. at first I was extremely closed minded,I was opposed to hearing about all these different faiths and religions so much so  I wanted to get out of the class because I did not want to hear about Daoism, or Buddism, I did not have time to hear about how the atheist felt, because I was not trying to understand why they believed as they did.. Muslims and Jehovah’s witness, that’s like asking me to swallow acid.. I only want to hear about Jesus. But anything we can’t rightly identify we don’t rightly know. Do we have a real understanding of what we believe. I believe that is what Jesus was asking… In the Indian culture some are hindu’s and  Hindu’s are very defined on what they believe they are polytheists for the most part… we don’t have to question Islam about what they believe or who Jesus is… Easy? He’s alright! He’s a good man! You see all religions may have a form of who He is but some of them can twist it and if we don’t rightly know who we serve we will not be able to put up with or tolerate someone who believes differently.

Jesus is calling for a people like those same disciples he asked this question to.. They were willing to stand up in the face of imprisonment and stoning and say with boldness and clarity, “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.. Aside from Him there is no hope of salvation” In other words, there are not many ways, Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life”. This is very controversial and when you say it you might get stoned in some countries, even for saying it in your own home.

But who is willing to declare his true identity even if it means their lives… It’s a hard pill to swallow, but when we rightly identify him, we realize any consequence of doing so will not be that important in then.

~ He that wins souls is wise!


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