Who is he talking to?

Q. 57 of 100 Jesus asked and we must answer is coming from Lk. 9: 41 “O faithless and perverse generation, how long am I to be with you and bear with you?”

Sounds like a little tinge of frustration to me…But let’s decipher who he is speaking to.. Most of my life I have heard it preached that if the disciples didn’t have enough faith to heal this man’s son which seemed to be the issue it was them Jesus was talking to, after all… Why would he condemn the man for bringing his son to Jesus in faith, believing Jesus could heal him… This was his way of saying: “Ok I came to Jesus’ church, he was out that Sunday so I took my issue to the person he left in charge and they simply were not able to manage it for me. I was trying to have a little faith in them, but since they couldn’t do it.. Pastor Jesus.. I’m coming and bringing my issue straight to you. Should have have been expected to perform the same miracles.. Absolutely, hadn’t Jesus just sent them out giving them power to do miracles and perform healing, they saw it at work in them… So what was wrong, why couldn’t they represent well.
Do we as a people of God represent well, majority of the time, to the world who HE is?

I have a different twist on this question however.. Read it in the fullness of it’s context… Firstly, Jesus is coming off the mountain of transfiguration so one thing is for sure, he is not talking to all 12 of his disciples.. but let’s read a little further. Secondly, This huge crows meets him while he’s coming down.. NO breaks…. and this man began immediately pleading his case to Jesus. Then we hear Jesus respond… but who in the world is he talking to?? I’m sure there are thousands of people, there is the man, and there are his disciples, and there are possibly some sadducees and pharisees. 3 groups of people.

In order to get the fullness of the question read the statement right after it..”Bring your son here!” Ok that should sum it up for everyone.. The man who took his son was who Jesus was talking to, it wasn’t like he heard the man’s story, turned and reprimanded his disciples and then turned back to address the man’s issue.. He was talking about an era, a wave of people that were on the earth at the time. When he said they were faithless, he was in all essence calling them heathen. He was saying that they were unbelieving.. Could it be possible that the man took his son to Jesus’ disciples not really believing himself? Is it possible we could go to Jesus not because we really want him, or believe what he could do… we just want to see what will happen? Jesus called them perverse, twisting his truth to make it fit them. I know that’s not what we do today. To be perverted to mean you totally misuse something, not acknowledging what it is it’s abused.

Obviously, no one likes to be addressed without a greeting first and this could have upset Jesus, but I think what upset him most was that he did not find faith in these people around him… but he healed the boy  anyway… This boy was truly having issues and Jesus didn’t need the faith of someone else to heal him this time.

As I close there was a small statement I want to write in your hearing Jesus spoke to his disciples after this had happened: “Let these words sink into your ears” That came from Lk. 9:44… and the bible says they did not understand him, they did not have power to perceive what he was saying.

Ok, how would anyone interpret that text other than, the disciples had their understandings closed on certain things as well. So how can we have fully mature believers today that’s just been walking with Jesus “a little while” thinking they know when he’s coming back again. Let’s sit for a moment to assess our level of faith, for the truth is this.. Many of us who have walked with the Lord for years need this reprimand. We may be preaching about him, may be living this life of love and kind to all, and we know how to say the colloquialism: “God is good….. all the time” but when God comes searching for faith in us, we come up short. It is in this I can see why the disciples would ask him…

Increase my faith!


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