Accepting/Rejecting Jesus

Q. #58 of 100 Jesus asked and we must answer comes from Luke 10:15 “And you, Capernaum, will you be lifted up to the heavens? No, you will go down to Hades.”

Ok, at first sight, how does this verse look to you? Jesus is addressing different regions or cities that have rejected him, after offering them an opportunity to receive him.

The only story that comes to my mind is from the Old Testament, I think I could use that as a example of when a people rejected God.. as an entire nation, as one man, the children of Israel got together and they went to Samuel one day.. they said to him: “We want a king over us….” like all the other nations. Samuel immediately heard from God, they had not rejected him but God. These people were bent on having a king to reign and rule over them, simply because it was what every one else was doing. Never underestimate the power of influence! The only way we can redeem time is by making quality decisions. This was not a quality decision, for it looks like the days were evil even then. Samuel explained to them everything that having a king would cost them, they did not care, they just wanted a king, so they could be like the other neighboring cities..

Doesn’t that sound a lot like our society, we want to have a live in boyfriend, because it’s cool, it’s normal, and who cares about the repercussions of sleeping around… we do it because it’s what’s done, right?? I think of the tragic consequences to much of our behavior as a human society and it is absolutely scary to imagine that even after having all the consequences written out for us on a piece of paper and having them read to us then given the paper, knowing the instructions of the Lord, we still say… Um, Nah, I think I like it this way better…

Jesus is saying that even while he walked the earth, performing miracles in front of people, signs and wonders they still refused to believe.. They still wanted to do things the way they always have. Isn’t it hard to make the decision to change. The truth is once the decision is made we still have work to do, however at least the hardest part of it is completed. When these people in these cities rejected Jesus causing him to make these comments, I truly believe He was prophesying their doom.. So, that cans all the “good man” comments right.. Jesus just said something that was not so nice.
The truth is it’s brutal and it’s truth, the nations that reject Jesus and say forget God… It will be more bearable for them in Sodom and Gomorrah than this people this time around!


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