how do you interpret it

Question 58 of 100 Jesus asked and we must answer is coming from Luke 10:26

“And he said to them what is written in the law? How does it read to you?”

If you ask me this is a question of interpretation. Isn’t it amazing how many times two people can see the same thing being at the same event, or read the same book and get something totally different from it. I think it is amazing that everyone has their own perspective and it greatly depends on a lot of different factors.

In this instance Jesus is asking a lawyer who has come “to test” him, how he reads the law? You know that even denominations can be confused on “how they read it” there are many people who killed in the name of the same book, because of “how they read it” They say that it was muslims who bombed the towers in New York on 911, from what I hear, they thought they were doing a justice to God and that he would be pleased with them for killing men women and children just because they were Americans and not like them (muslims) … Now, I have not done extensive research on muslims but I do know that they “read the bible differently” Some people read and say that Jesus was just a good man. Some people read it and say he’s a profit.

Look at the dynamic here, this man then thinks how he will justify himself, by asking Jesus another question..
“Who is my neighbor?” Now just the simple that he wanted to justify himself before Jesus meant that he didn’t truly know who he was talking to, or if he did he was acting out of normal instinct as a lawyer.. yet when we come to Jesus we must strip ourselves of ourselves and simply genuinely seek to understand it as it is written, not to have it shape our own agenda’s or ways of living!



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