Taking on a new Perspective!

Q. 59 off 100 that Jesus asked and we must answer is coming from Luke 10:40 ” Which of these three do you think proved to be a neighbor to the man who fell into the robbers hands”

     Now I don’t know about you but I have always loved multiple choice questions.. That means I don’t really have to think too much about the answer, all I have to do is go through the process of elimination and arrive at the best possible answer for the question.. Believe it or not life can be like that. No matter what we do in this life we encounter options, choices. No matter what you think, you always have a choice.. whether it is a choice to give your tithe or not, to give it to the church or the homeless person.. People have all kinds of options these days, sometimes it’s starts at what time you want to get out of the bed in the morning. No matter how you slice it, if your living you’ve had to make choices, and the choice you make will most time be guided by your perception or your view of a thing.

Who wakes up in the morning thinking to themselves, how can I be a neighbor to someone today? Who wakes up in the morning saying, ‘How can I bring a smile to the face of God today with the decisions I make’
Well, let’s see how the story unfolds In the context from the last question we see that Jesus has just been asking who is my neighbor by the lawyer who is now trying test him… Jesus has an analogy for an answer.. He wants to offer a scenario… and he needs participation from his audience.. In other words what does it look like to be a christian in your view.. How do you see it? Perception is every thing.. For the way you see things determine how you respond to them..

Say for instance you woke up this morning and you were going along your merry way when you were driving in your car you saw someone alone the side of the road, who looked to be severely hurt, they were bleeding and looking to be barely alive laying on the ground.. I want to ask you what does a christian look like?? This is one of those questions that make you ask: “WWJD” When we look at the scenario in the bible we see there 3 different kinds of people in our world and the sad part of it is one of these people were supposed to be the christian.. The levite who passed and turned the other way and paid no attention.. Just kept on driving saying to himself, I have no time to stop and get involved in that are you crazy, I have things to do, and people to see, I’m on my way and I’ll be late if I stop to help this fellow.. Don’t wanna be late for my new date right!?
Well, there is the other person who sees what’s going on but doesn’t lift a finger to help.. Saying to themselves, if I help you that means I’m gonna be out of money and that might just cost too much, don’t I have a family of my own to take care of.. I mean I could stop and help, but what could I do… Little old me..

Then there was the third class of citizen… the one who said.. Look at this… Oh My Goodness.. What if this were me or my loved one.. Would I want someone to stop and help me?? Would I want someone to stop and help one of my children if they were found in this condition? Clearly this man is barely alive.. I don’t have to evaluate much to know that.. He’s laid out, looks like he’s barely breathing and even if it cost my last cent.. I will determine to help him, because I am the arms and feet of God..
See that’s not the way it goes with us much.. I think we are so focused on me my four and no more that we totally miss trying to be a help to someone else who may possibly be less fortunate, it’s a sad but true case..

Today, started at this point, remember that a christian, a true follower of Christ will always endeavor to be his hands and feet and whatever that looks like …. they sacrifice their bodies as a living sacrifice so others may experience the Love shown to them by the Lord.. It may be that you don’t see someone bleeding on the side of the road, but you know someone who is a single parent and they are barely making it, you know someone who eats out of the dumpster, you know someone who has less than you or is hanging on by a thread mentally, will you take time to go and bandage their wombs by being the arms that hugs them, the feet that give them a ride.. will you give the homeless person a plate of food.. Lord help us today look more like your son..


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