From the inside out!

Q. 60 of 100 Jesus asked and we must answer:

Lk. 11:40 “You foolish people! Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also?”

“He knows our frame, that we are but dust” Isn’t that what the scripture says.. Sometimes I’m convinced we can be so hooked on getting the scripture right that we miss the life Jesus is calling us to live.

Jesus knows everything about it, when we rise, when we lay down.. He even knows what’s in our hearts behind the things we do.. Isn’t that ironic!

In this text we can clearly see that Jesus may be a bit agitated. The Pharisee has just marveled at the fact that he didn’t wash his hands before he ate. Just fyi I would be marveling that Jesus is eating at my house and he said yes to the invitation.. But this is a Pharisee, a teacher of the law. It is his job to uphold rituals and traditions of man.. while Jesus is not about that at all.. Let’s try to see it from his standpoint.. Let’s look at this Pharisee like one of those people who hate germs and they love everything sanitized.. if you cough on your hand it agitates them.. And for Jesus that might be okay, if you didn’t associate it with his salvation. We take the method and make it the message, but it is not and the saddest thing is that it will never be. Jesus was about Principle not Practice!

Relationship is what is being dealt with as Jesus later mentions the word love.

It’s clear that the leader in the church is going to tithe and he is going to do certain things to look a certain way on the outside. If it were a good leader when he sees people along the road even if he just got hit by a bus he was hold his head up and smile saying: “God is good!” because this is what I’m supposed to do.. And that’s the transparency of some pulpits..But I’m not afraid to admit I am broken because I know that in the midst of that confession I realize just as Jesus is my Lord and Savior, it is my goal to please Him and not one man.. so if a person has to know I am weak and broken, tired, or lonely.. I don’t have to put on airs or a face, but I can be real before God and the one who created the inside knows my frame.. He knows every struggle and he will guide til the day he comes.. He rebuked these Pharisees because in all their legalism, they forgot the most important thing is relationship.. It’s not about if my children broke my favorite grandma’s vase, but it’s if being disobedient to me and breaking that vase has broken them.. Jesus was thinking in terms of.. Which is more important.. While you shouldn’t neglect the other.. Let me tell you, loving others is just as important as tithing, if not more.. Don’t pick and choose what you will do for God because he will bring you into account for every area!


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