More than a sparrow!

ImageQ. 62 of 100 Jesus asked and we must answer is coming from Lk 12:6 “Are not 5 sparrows sold for 2 cents? God doesn’t forget any of them.”

In our culture it’s become increasingly hard to define things that really matter because in our culture.. Our cell phone or our car, our house or our jewelry has more importance than God, or any one around us. As a matter of fact if someone stepped on our Gator shoes we would look at them sideways the entire service cause in our minds they did it on purpose.. they are haters right??

Do you see this beautiful picture of this sparrow.. Jesus in this scenario was telling them that it’s not good to fear anything but God..It’s bad when the fear in us is over what our boss will do on our job, so we will need to sleep with them to appease their anger toward us.. Let’s say that Jesus is speaking in today’s time, to the one who wants or desires to believe in Him and on this Thanksgiving 2013 He says … I care about you more than a sparrow and they are so under valued that no one cares about them.. But I know how much they are sold for and I know when any one of them die.. If I care about that.. Do you not think I will care all the more about you..

Let us be convinced of the very fact that nothing we attain on this earth no affection of any person can compare to that of the same God who not only has power to kill our mortal bodies but to cast our souls into hell..
We are all thankful today and it’s right to be.. But if we’re going to thank ANYONE.. Let it be the one who has kept us thus far.. and will keep us until the end even when we are wrong.. He still yet cares!


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