Who makes decisions for you?

Image Q. 63 of 100 Jesus asked and we must answer comes from Lk 12:40 ” Jesus answered, ‘ Who gave me the right to settle arguments between you and your brother?”

This for me is a very powerful picture Jesus paints as I think of a judge being one who settles accounts, A judge presides over a court and interprets the law… He hears cases and tries them.. But this was not at all one of the things Jesus mentioned in His mission statement when He quoted from Isaiah why God sent Him…

So flesh this out with me.. Why does Jesus of all people make this statement.. Who made me judge?? Let’s get one thing straight He is not saying He is not a judge and He is not saying that at some later point He would not judge.. But read the word and what it says about judging.. in context and you will fully understand what He meant.


Two brothers have just come to Jesus and they have a problem. Their father was rich and their father left an inheritance, only their father did not do a good job of dividing what he had to his sons before he left.. This was about greed by the way.. That was the lesson.. This is why I asked who makes decisions for you, the greedy person in you or the generous one who says, Whatever it is we are arguing about is not mine anyway and if God could see fit for me to have this I trust He will show even this to me, but I will not be stingy with you.. As Jesus is standing in a crowd of people, some man decides he would bring his and his brother’s issue to Jesus..in regards to his father who is now dead and the money he thinks he deserves..

This was amusing for me, because I had to think what the other people around him must have been thinking.. “Who does he think he is..We all have issues to bring to the master, but why is he bothering Jesus with something so trivial??” It is because to us when we can only see our greed it will block us from keeping the main thing the main thing and with Jesus right there in the midst of us we could miss the real blessing He has for us while we try to hold on to an artificial one we conjured up ourselves..

So, the opposite of Greed is to be generous.. To give until it hurts not to hold on to anything with your life but the gospel of Jesus Christ.. Be very mindful of what you bring to Jesus because some things He gives us wisdom, power and common sense to deal with on our own..
Thanks for letting me flesh this out with you from scratch this time!


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