What to do with your worries!

ImageQ. 64 of 100 Jesus asked and we must answer is coming from Lk 12:25 ” Who by worrying can add a single cubit to his life?”

First and foremost… Happy Birthday to me.. This is the official day I was born, back a short few years ago and I am not ashamed to say Happy birthday to myself… On this beautiful Lord’s Day!

As I begin this Beautiful text with a sigh… How many people deal with worry.. Stress.. Fretting… every day?? For one reason or another, wee seem to have issues that we can’t seem to shake and they grab us by the mind and control our joy.. How many can say, just this week I have worried about money/ my job, my health, my children, my parents, my siblings, my education… Etc.. Etc.. You know the truth is God is able to handle everything I mentioned and everything I didn’t but the only reason we worry about any of these things is because we don’t Truly Truly Trust in Him.. Not with everything.. We have things we are holding back that if we see fall through the cracks… Oh now you know if that marriage ends you will be heartbroken. Just this year I saw the end of a marriage I thought would last forever, and I do mean til death due us part. I held on to that marriage tooth and nail with everything in me.. And how can I rightly come back and say It was God’s will that marriage ended.. You know most people say because of the way it started, nullifying God’s word and principles it was destined to end, but who ever wants to say they trust God even if they make mistakes or failures! This has been a learning experience, looking back at it, I could see all the nights I worried about it, all the times I cried out to God.. And what about my health, I have been having pain in my arm, just about scared me enough not to send this blog out today, but it was only because I had not trusted God completely with EVERYTHING! This glorifies Him and it does not hurt so much that I can’t do what I love most on the day He allowed me to be born! I can say I am guilty of worrying about everything I have mentioned.. But isn’t it beautiful when the Lord steps in and takes all the care out of it and you and I no longer take any thought for anything.. We simply say.. “I will cast my cares on the Lord and I trust Him Completely with my Life!”


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