The cure to anxiety!

Today, I have to say this question is near and dear to me.

I have not posted in weeks.. God was working up this next verse in me.

He was doing His own work.. and now I am freed to share it with whomever needs this word of encouragement.

Quest 65 of 100 is coming from Lk 12:25 “And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life.”

Jesus has just finished giving many illustrations, this is a chapter filled with meaningful questions to make one central point.. After having looked at this chapter over a month.. it’s sort of gotten ingrained into my psyche.. I love it!

So Jesus has already talked about the 5 sparrows sold for 2 pennies and us being of more value than them.. We got that didn’t we.. Our value in Christ.. but then He gives another illustration..This one is of Ravens when he is speaking of being concerned about what you will eat or drink..Now a raven is what they called the dirtiest bird int he bible.. It’s alright when you talk about sparrows, but when you talk about animals that eat dead bodies.. well, we have another issue.. Jesus says here in this text that they don’t sow nor reap, but the Lord feeds even them.. Now we being sinful in nature until our spirits are regenerated.. have a hard time grasping this.. but he is saying.. if even the worst of the animals who eats decomposed bodies is fed by God…we should know God values us more than that as human beings!

Let me give a small testimony.. when I started studying this text over a month ago, I was employed gainfully and I was doing well, I had no need to concern myself with what I ate or drank, for as far as I knew we were blessed to have a little more than enough.. enough to have cushion at least.. but in the midst of this text God was working something else out in my heart.. I will say that.. I was asked to resigned from my job recently, and being a single mom.. well, that’s a hard position to find oneself in.. And on top of this it was right before Christmas… but the Lord had been working this text in me the whole time.. that I did not have to worry about tomorrow and that during this time I was learning to trust Him that if He feeds ravens, if He takes care of sparrows, surely for me and my children.. he would come to the rescue.. I am elated that the Lord would choose me.. To be persecuted for His namesake.. and I will glory in my weakness and may His strength be made perfect in me!


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