Lost….And found!

Question 67 of 100 will be taken from Luke 15:4 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?

Have you ever lost something.. Anything? car/house keys? a book you were in the middle of reading for class work? A pet? A child in the mall? Your mind??

No the latter was joking but which one of us doesn’t know the feeling of losing something. All of us could relate right? We know that anxious feeling of searching profusely wondering when you will be able to move on with life? Because you know that in a certain sense, when something gets lost, you stop doing everything else until that thing is found…whether you bought and paid for it with your own money or someone gave it to you, when you go looking for it, you want it to be there..

Now losing something is quite different than carelessly leaving it behind. As I spoke with my children of the two scenarios on last night it was amazing the difference.

Ex. I have a kindle fire. On that electronic device I have many books and some games for my children. I bought all the books I have on it, or at least 98% of them, and there are a couple of freebies, but all of them I have backed up, while I can use them on my other devices, such as my ipad or laptop or desktop, those items are confined for the most part to the kindle fire, and I use them there.. Say I was on an airplane reading my kindle fire, when I reached my destination, I exited the plane forgetting I had sat my device down in the seat, quickly trying to grab for other valuables and I don’t notice it until I’ve made it to my destination, my kindle fire was left on the plane. It’s not lost, I know exactly where I left it, I just can’t get to it.

Now we used the example next of my sons DS gave and we said that say he was on that same air plane and he was playing on one of his games on the device but had some other games in his pocket in case he wanted to change out, and at some point along the way, he dropped one of his games from his pocket.. when we reached the next destination, he could not tell me if he lost the game on the air plane, in the car, or at home, it fell out at a time he had not known..

This is the scenario Jesus is giving as he paints a picture for the Pharisees and teachers of the law here in the 15th chapter of Luke. He knows they are grumbling about him because he is conversing with people that in their eyes he should not be.. and he wants to bring the case home for them, so he speaks of something we can all relate to and that being how God sees the lost sinner man woman boy or girl.. Obviously, he associated himself with sinners, like Tax Collectors, Publicans and the like.. You know the kind, prostitutes and street walkers… Jesus even possibly would have associated with homosexuals for the sake of winning them to his kingdom. There was no off limit person and there is no one God turns away from for it is not His will that ANY should perish.. NO matter what they’ve done, who they are or where they have been He will call them by name and offer them a chance to respond. However to say that I lost you, means at one point I had you, you were mine. In eternity, is he saying there were certain people that were marked out for him who may not have known it and because they seem to have sinner titles we miss them as well, but they are really his and he is relentlessly pursuing them.
If so this turns into a beautiful love story. You see these could very well be the same Tax Collectors that came to John the Baptiste around chapter 3 and were baptized and had turned from their sins but because they did not quit their jobs they were still carrying the label of “sinner” even though they weren’t… Or the ones who were baptized had changed so drastically they bought other tax collectors with them to sit and listen to Jesus.. NO matter what the case they were there to listen to Him and He did not turn them away because of what they had done.. But He wanted them to know that He had come to the earth to find such a one and bring them back home on his shoulder.

This should be the mission of every church in operation today!


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