Eternal Plans!

Q. 67. Of 100  

Lk. 16:11 “if then you have not been faithful in unrighteous wealth,  who will entrust you with true Riches.” 


This morning as I was driving my children to school, we had our prayer time as usual… But this time toward the end of that prayer time, my daughter told me.. Mama, I really wish that we could all just have one church and every one could love God!” Something leaped in my heart as I began to explain to her than even as a child she was longing for heaven. She was desiring a place not made by human hands. She was thinking about what eternity would be like and I began to explain to her what heaven is like and how the streets are made with gold, it is a city made of gold and the gates are made of pearls and there are walls of jasper.. I began to explain how it would be a place where there would be no more crying and no more sadness, this would be a place where no evil or wicked person could go and the best thing is that it is an eternal place, you go one of two places and whichever place you go, well, that’s just where you stay for all eternity.. either you spend it with God or you have a godless eternity!

This began to spark thoughts in my heart about this message for today before I even began!

 As we dive into this teachable moment Jesus is laying on the on the disciples,  I’m reminded that life is about more than things,  and I wonder why we spend so much time investing in the things we get here on earth. When God is trying to show us there is so much more than this, material possessions are good, but it’s amazing to consider that some of the things we place value in God places no eternal value at all in..

It’s truly a transformation to learn this principle!

This manager,  obviously was dishonest,  he wasn’t living right.   His master learned of his character,  for he must have had some clout in the house.  Without defending himself he reveals he is guilty. .. he’s going to be fired… and what is he thinking about. . His future!

I read a story with my children a few nights ago and it’s from a really whacky book called “Wayside is falling down” And in this story there was a little boy named DJ. He was always a pretty happy kid, but for some reason this particular day he was sad, and no one could understand why he was frowning.. His smile had been turned upside down and no one could figure out the reason.. When he went to lunch the other kids made fun of him and called him names but this really cruel girl sat down with him and asked him in a very rude way what was wrong, wanting to rub in whatever his issue was she asked if his parents were divorcing, or is someone had died.. he replied no, nothing of the sorts.. His grandfather had given him a watch and… well, he lost it. So the little girl wanting to rub it in began to try and dig for the reason he was upset, she said.. So your parents are probably going to ground you for a year? He said no, they know I learn from my mistakes! She goes on to say, well, your grandfather, he will never give you a gift again, not even on your birthday?? He said no, my grandfather loves me unconditionally and he cares about people.. not things.. This was amazing because she thought he was upset because he wouldn’t get an allowance and would have no money and he said.. “I don’t get an allowance and I don’t like money!” She said Well, you will not know what time it is so you will miss your favorite television show and he said to her.. No, we don’t watch television and time is not real anyway!” The more I read this story the more thought provoking it became.. where was this little kid getting this belief system I thought.. She said well what’s making you so sad.. He said.. “I wonder if a bird will find it and think it’s food and choke on it.. and die” That was amazing! he proved that the things this world would worry about was not important,but it was the living things that mattered most..

How many in our society would treat their children the way this child was confident his parents would treat him, who really values, people more than things in this day right.. 

God Does! 


May I have a quick side bar,  when we leave this earth,  and each of us will. . Are we concerned about where we will go?  


The steward was about to lose him job. ..He was about to be “Fired” (Like hell fire) he would no longer be able to work. .. at least for awhile and he wanted to secure his lodging by making friends with people that had money.  He chose two people and he allowed them to have debt reduction. ..when he did this he was anticipating. .. being received in their homes.  He wasn’t stealing the money,  He was making forever friends. . 


Are we concerned with that. .  


This parable catches us at a time Jesus was caught befriending known sinners. .. their very titles made them sinners in the book of others,  but they wanted to make friends with Jesus because they knew one day this earthly kingdom would end And they knew they had need of salvation. . Just imagine with me what their intention was. .. the bible doesn’t mention their motives,  it says the Pharisees got mad about this because they were lovers of money. .  

While sinners make preparation for heaven those who think they have it all together normally are the ones who bust hell wide open. I discussed with my children today about heaven.. This steward/manager had in mind earthly lodging and a place of residence may have very well been guaranteed to him because of his kindness to these people. Yet he was able to make plans for a temporary dwelling, are we willing to stop and sit down and think to ourselves about making plans for an eternal dwelling!
Do we have reservations in heaven?? Are we concerned about what we will do to please God so that He will say well done good and faithful servant, you took all I gave you and you multiplied it and were not wasteful with it…

Saddening,  these leaders and teachers of the law were not devoted to God,  but he was pointing out they were devoted to money. . And making a clear point you can’t serve both.  While they were worrying about a future here on earth,  we as believers ought to be more concerned with making future preparations for heaven. 


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