Wholeness By Instinct

This question comes from Luke 17:17 

“And Jesus answering said,  were not ten cleansed? But where are the nine?” 


Jesus is seemingly astounded In this text when he sees this one man come back,  because he expected more from the others.    

Ever been around an ungrateful person. .. it didn’t matter how much you did for them,  they not only didn’t say thank you,  but expected more from you!  

Imagine then Jesus’ dilemma in the text. . He is on a mission,  headed to Jerusalem,  passing through a border between two towns The towns are Galilee and Samaria…  as Luke records it. Although the text does make one thing very clear.  Jesus is near Samaria. . Samaria would obviously include people who didn’t worship the true and living God.   he hears some voices from a distance. .. these were some men who needed a miracle and they were radical enough to think Jesus could do it. The mere fact that they called out to him with unity and one accord shows they had some thought he could do something,  for they were asked him for one thing. .. mercy! Normally, that meant money, but not this time, they meant healing!

They humbled themselves,  knowing they were dying of a dreaded skin disease to say.  Master , please have mercy on me!   Nine of these men may have been from Galilee,  and one from Samaria. . Could you imagine his dilemma,  he was already out of place,  but he obviously believes Jesus can heal him too. . 

Merciful Jesus he is. . He hears and sees, but most importantly he knows and  acts.   He commands the men to Go… they could not stay where they were and receive healing, they had to obey.  

Now as they went they were healed and it was miraculous, I’m sure they noticed immediately. .. yet only one turned around. .. he was overflowing in his heart when he got to Jesus he fell on his face and gave thanks. . Glorifying God.  

The part that puzzled Jesus was this guy was the Samaritan.  Out of everyone that could have understood proper manners this man was certainly not expected to be the grateful one ..yet hadn’t the story been pointing to him the entire time? Jesus is right near his town,  the Samaritan happened to be around some Jews who probably weren’t talking to him,  being “all” unclean they had something In common and if they could get Jesus’ attention he was all in.

Funny even Jesus didn’t differentiate,  he healed them all.  The only thing they were supposed to say was. .”unclean” but they were after a miracle so they had to break the rules. . Just as naaman the leprous captain from Samaria,  obviously they were taught good manners. .. if someone heals you. ..please go say thank you!  but he went back and Jesus took note as he worshiped to say. . Now this guy,  a “foreigner” Samaritan knows how to come back and give thanks,  how come jews don’t. This was also connected to the unworthy servant who knew he couldn’t repay the Grace he had received so even after doing what was considered hard for him,  he called himself an unworthy servant.

Jesus didn’t just take note of them,  he was seeing an opportunity to be merciful,  he was seeing into them,  he knew exactly what they wanted. . So he met their need,  without question… they all acknowledged him as master,  and they all recognized only he could grant mercy. .. this man did not return just to say thank you but he was in effect glorifying God. . His heart was changed. . At the moment he fell on his face. . Breaking all sorts of social boundaries.  

Ironically with the same loud voice he cried for mercy,  he cried praises for deliverance.   

How beautiful.being highlighted as the foreigner he was the only one who was not only healed but also made whole. No one told him to go back and say thank you,  but The Samaritan instinctively knew it was the right thing to do.  The others were healed, but he was made whole for one reason alone.   He was humbled enough to say thank you. .


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