The case of the Just Judge!

The next Question Jesus asked is coming from Like 18:7 “Will not God then secure the rights of his chosen ones who call out to him day and night?

This question is one that catches us off guard, because the context is this.. “Pray, Pray, Pray!” That’s all… Never lose heart! No matter how bad it looks… You must keep believing and you must keep praying!

In the context that is what is being taught.. Jesus is teaching a parable of a widow who goes before a judge. Not just any old judge. This judge doesn’t fear God and he doesn’t respect man! This is not a good judge. But there is a widow who lives in his city and though he does not know or care about her, he knows one thing, she knows her rights.. So she keeps coming back. 

This reminded me of a story of a lady who had an issue for twelve long years and it was a press, but she made her way to Jesus, even though he was on his way somewhere else saying within herself “If I can but touch the hem of His garment I will be made whole” Jesus called her a daughter of Abraham, and the promise she was standing on went way past the Mosaic law they were speaking of.

When we stand on promises of God, do you think He is an unjust judge like this man?

The unjust judge said to himself: “Now, I don’t fear God nor man, but she’s bothering me cause she keeps coming. Why don’t I just go ahead and give her what she wants unless she wears me out” For the widow would not stop showing up, in the middle of another case I could imagine there she was coming in, out in the corridors, telling the people about him before they went in to tell him their case. I could imagine she would recount to him. …. “Now judge this is my 7th time coming to you about this, will you avenge me, will you give me justice, will you grant my legal protection?”

In our country we are born with certain inalienable rights as US Citizens right, and this means someone can not just walk upon us and arrest us and take us to jail without giving us a right to a lawyer, this means that someone can not just go into our personal space and take what is ours…By law a robber can not break into someone’s house and take what he wants.. 

So it is with the kingdom of God. and So it is with prayer. The Lord has a written code, it’s called His word. When we can go and stand on that… Knowing our rights as children of the most high God things begin to change because we realize that God is just. He esteems His own word above Himself. We can not come to him based on emotion and feelings, we have to take the word of GOD back to Him, at that He must move!

Jesus brings specific attention to the unjust judge who gave this lady justice even though he did not know her because she was getting ready to start making him look bad. 

Let me tell you we will never be able to make God look bad, because He has been unjust, He will always be JUST and He will always come through.. He will never fail and He always has a plan. So take HIS word back to Him and watch it do the work remembering life and death are in the power of the tongue!


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