2 things we lack and the solution!

This question is coming from Luke 18:41 “What do you want me to do for you?”

Have you ever had an issue/problem, and you thought to yourself: “This is too big! It’s just to huge for me, I’m going to need some outside help for this one.. A miracle if I dare say!”

Sometimes you may need a healing, so you say if I could get to Benny Hinn, for he has a gift of healing! Or you may say I need a legal matter resolved I want to see the DA or speak to a congressman/woman. Perhaps your situation is you know someone who needs to be saved and it will take a great intervention to get that loved one to a better place.

Let’s be realistic, all of us are or were 2 things..#1. Blind, and #2. Poor! Weather that blindness caused the poorness or the other way around, we all were in need of a Savior… Or in fact still are.. The only thing that got us to get up off the pew or to receive the prayer when someone offered us Jesus was faith! We simply had a greater desire to know Him, so we accepted Him into our hearts for those of us who are believers.. 
But in this story.. Jesus asked a question… after the man was bold enough in his faith to believe even if all the people around him tried to muzzle him, in Jesus he would find a solution to the thing he lacked.. Jesus was the solution and if he got to Jesus, he knew he would get his desire.. 

Jesus did not presume to know what the man needed after his press in faith. We come to God, walking to an altar and we come to Him through a tv program and however else, and we receive him into our hearts by faith, but we don’t also at that moment go to HIm and say, listen Jesus.. I have these issues I’m going to need you to resolve. I’ve got some greed.. and I’m not giving you any excuses but open my heart to be more like you in this area, I’ve got some unforgiveness and malice I could definitely use a reason on that if You would take all those things that have happened to me that have scarred me and hurt me. And Jesus, if You could possibly handle this issue I have in my heart with malice, and help me stop slandering people. I know it doesn’t quite seem good for me to ask You this and I just received You and acknowledged who You are. But I want to have You look at these things since You are the great physician.. Then by the way, I want to be able to see spiritually so help me understand Your word.. Give me a passion to pray.. Why don’t we ask God for those types of things and pray for the ability to lead someone else to Him just as we were led in all humility and gentleness of heart. I don’t mean to say anything wrong, but we all need a savior, because we are all broken and there is no way we are getting anywhere in this life or in the one to come without the solution.. A Savior!


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