Looking for a return!

The next question is coming from Luke 19:23 “Why then didn’t you put my money on deposit, so that when I came back, I could have collected it with interest?’

When I was growing up I always loved going to grandma’s house.. She was known as the “frozen cup lady” to the community. My grandmother did not have much.. But she took what she had and she made it work..

Back in New Orleans we used to sell this syrup which could be bought and you could make frozen cups for a warm day outside and all the children in the neighborhood would come and buy them. Honestly, she sold more than that… She would sell candy, small bags of candy for only a quarter, after the frozen cups were being sold on demand she raised the prices from a dime to a quarter to thirty cent. She had no idea what she was doing. She was taking what she had and she was adding to it.. She was putting it to use. Instead of eating up the money she had earned or had been given, she took it and she made it work get her more. Little children would knock on the door all the time and all she had to do was sit home and wait.. She was then not only a consumer but in her own right she became a neighborhood producer, selling pickles and things you would buy from the store only in bulk so she could sell them off one by one to the children in the neighborhood.. Or adults it didn’t matter!  And those frozen cups were what we lived to visit her for they were so good, she had to buy a separate fridge just so she could put them in, because so many children would come and she had to have them available. Amazingly… there was strawberry, pineapple, fruit punch and many other flavors and the children had choices for really cheap!

In this particular parable I was forced to think of her as Jesus is speaking to his disciples He knows this is the final stretch, He would be headed to calvary and they are thinking that as soon as He goes all will be well and the kingdom will be here.. But He had to explain to them that was not how it would work, so He used a parable about a nobleman who went to a far county because a ceremony was getting ready to take place, He would be given authority, crowned King! And well, He had to call in his servants to watch over His things while He was gone.. It said He gave the servants money.. about a thousand dollars a piece and gave them one command.. “DO BUSINESS UNTIL I COME!” Not robbery, not get over on people.. But DO BUSINESS by all means!

What my grandmother was doing was Business until He came.. You see she had a gift and she was going to use her creative mind to make some return on what she had been given.. Otherwise why not buy all those things and give them away to the community.. No, we’re not talking about extortion, but at least get back a dime off the dollar you spent. 

When that nobleman left there were some citizens of that place where He was that did not like the fact that He would be King and they send others behind Him to tell Him they did not want to submit to Him.. He went nevertheless..

Now be careful this speaks of the second coming of Christ.. He did two things… #1. He called in those servants and had them give an account.. With what Christ has given you, What are you doing to make it more than before? 

All of them gave an account and the one who produced nothing, left with nothing just as he came in, but the one who had produced most walked away with what the last one had.. You see there’s a principle in this one part.. Jesus will expect something from all of us when He returns and if we live a life never figuring out what He gave us we will make Him sorely disappointed that we wandered all of our lives and never tapped into purpose! Now, there was a second thing He did…#2.. that nobleman who was now crowned King called in those citizens who did not want to serve Him at all.. and had them killed before His very eyes!

I don’t want to be part of the second group He saw at all.. but I would like be that first servant who came back with ten more.. how about you?

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