The Rhetorical Answer

This question is coming from Luke 20:4 “was the baptism of John from heaven or from man?” 

 When I was younger and we lived a certain location In New Orleans La., it didn’t take long to realize we had a rodent problem.  While others may think rats are cute little fury friends,  we thought they were repulsive unwelcomed guest In our little apartment. . We wanted to get rid of them without paying for an exterminator to come out.  My parent went out and bought these rat traps. . Every now and then we would hear it snap from upstairs very loud. Sometimes we would run downstairs only to find the rat had taken the cheese but got away and other times we would catch the rat and daddy would take it out to the dumpster. . 

 Jesus was in a situation where some scribes, teachers of the law and elders are trying to catch him in a trap so they can take him out to the dumpster.  They convened and had a conference and thought they figured out the best way to catch Jesus in a trap about baptism. . They ask him about “authority”,  but they didn’t calculate in that when Jesus was cleaning out the temple he called God his Father,  saying my Father’s house. . Could they not also counsel on how they would ever be able to trap the Son of God.  

Never forget no-one took his life Jesus laid his life down when the correct time had come.  

Although the question was about authority it ready wasn’t. ..  It wasn’t about John’s baptism either, We all know the authority Jesus had had come from God while He was here on the earth, just as John’s authority had come from God. The point was Jesus was wise enough to know how to answer. Sometimes it’s okay to be rhetorical. Be led by the Spirit of God! 

If Jesus said his authority was from God they would ding him for blasphemy. . Since his ministry,  like John’s was apart from a sanhedrin degree,  they wanted to know from where His authority had come.  

Jesus was both fully God and fully man and could rightly discern what their motives were. .. when he had done so he answers the trap question  with another trap question which exposed their ignorance as Answered they’re question without answering at all. . 

When he asked the question he wisely put them in a dilemma. .. it’s good to have the wisdom of God.   

When they don’t answer his rhetorical trap question to trap themselves he doesn’t answer to trap himself,  but both had answered. .  

What a beautiful picture. 

If you are going through a time of interrogation and stress and its a trap of the enemy censor your words and stay in prayer for God ‘s question.  Stay connected. 


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