Looking in the mirror!

Why do we normally look in the Mirror? 
I will let that be the question of this moment. 

Hopefully each morning when we wake up as we are preparing to leave the house to go our perspective places.. or as we go to freshen up in the restroom at work.. Why do we take the time to look in the mirror.. Some people have mirrors on their sun visors so that before they get out of the car they can take an extra look at themselves to make sure they give a good outward impression in the face?
  Now some people have full length mirrors, but that’s another story completely!

Why do you normally look in the mirror?

This is not a gender specific question, although this morning as I drove off of the school lot, I saw a man looking in the visor putting on mascara.. that was a moment to say..Hmmm!! 

I could go even further to ask why we look in the rear view mirror while we are driving? What is the purpose for that little thing? 

To answer the first question, in our culture we seem to have an obsession with appearance! We must appear to have it together at all times, and when we stop looking in the mirror, well, it may be a sign of a deeper mental issue. But for the most part people want to make sure there’s no meat stuck between their teeth or cold in the eyes… We want to make sure that dried saliva from last night is not visibly seen and we definitely want to make sure that we don’t have anything hanging from our nose! While there are many reasons to look in the mirror once we have spotted a blemish somewhere. A strand of hair was out of place, or we had a milk mustache, we normally are very diligent about doing what needs to be done to fix it, because if we have a good appearance for some reason we know it will make us more popular and accepted by others. 


Now let’s go on to the second question… Why do we look out of the rear view in our car… that’s another mirror we use frequently while driving.. While most times the rear view mirror is used by women to do a quick check on the makeup, or to look in the back seat and see what those kids are doing.. It was originally created to give us a view of what is behind us.. Although the windshield was made to be looked through most when driving, there are side windows to help you see who is alongside you, letting you know if you have the right of way to turn, or switch lanes..But the rear view is specifically for checking who is behind you.. 


Let’s flip the script just a little bit.. The word of God calls itself a mirror! Yes, a mirror.. when we look into the word of God we are to be looking for the same thing… to fix anything that is out of place in our lives. If you listen to the word of God without having the intention of allowing it to show you your current state so you can change it, you have come to it for the wrong reasons. For it will show us who we really are. And while sometimes it’s good to glimpse back and remember how far God has taken us and who we were in the past, it can cause wrecks and be detrimental is we stay too long, looking too hard. 

Mirrors can be a very beautiful thing, and they can also be very telling.. They tell the truth, regardless of what you think.. The mirror doesn’t care about your feelings it won’t lie to you..Neither will the word of God.. So just as you stop to gaze at yourself, inspecting all your features in the mirror each day, please take time to stop and inspect your life in the word of God … with an intent to change whatever is out of place!


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