Getting paid for what you know

A few weeks ago I heard someone say they’d just moved into a new home, and they wanted to have it painted. But that were very particular in their taste and wanted a certain part of the house painted one way and the other painted another.
Two sets of painters had to be hired. Although they were both highly skilled in what they did, one group charged 12.00 an hour to paint one side regularly, while the other side charged  $200.00 to make the walls look like glass and have special designs.
I thought it was thought provoking because I myself had just encountered the same sort of situation. I have a landlord who wanted to charge me an extra deposit to have my pet at my townhome I’m renting. I called my realtor friend who was able to give me all the legal stuff that goes into being a landlord and she helped me understand better what I tried my hardest to research but only experience would teach. She had both education and experience as a realtor…
It’s amazing the saying goes knowledge is power and that is true when the area you have knowledge in is relevant and applied.


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