The art of wise decision making

This afternoon we had our neighbor over. She’s a sweet little 7 yr. Old girl named Nicole, she is Hispanic, but very smart. While she was over she played awhile with my kids upstairs. I had mentioned to her mother I wanted to go to the park… and she said it would be ok to have her and gave me an hour and twenty minutes.
My kids felt we all needed something to do, and tv was not the option… the little neighbor loved walking through the breadth of our home for some reason.. she’s also very curious.
   I told her to go and grab her scooter we’d be walking around the park… she said her father would not allow her to go.. at that moment I remembered the friction some parents face while one is lenient the other isn’t.. this is the case here, and I am not going to disrespect one parents decision because of conflict and lack of agreement..
We decided we’d wait a few more minutes for her mother had left again.. I decided we could play monopoly while we waited…
“MONOPOLY EMPIRE” should be a Christian game by the way…lol!
As we set up Nicole said to me… “how do you play this? She seemed to have no clue, so I explained.. and so did my son!
She was ready in a matter of minutes.. easy!
We gave her $1000.00, it was the same amount we all got.. however we know in life it’s not always that way.. but I feel if we have liquidity of mind and we are able to think, we have two legs, two arms, two hands and Two feet.. we got a pretty good shot to produce…
This little girl sat there, with the same amount of turns we all had within ten minutes had used what she had and purchased so many empires that were power moves she won the game!
I walked away astounded thinking… you’re gotta be kidding me.. we must have missed something.. of course it was our second time playing but truth be told shouldn’t we have had some advantage seeing she was in our home.. no such advantage existed.. she came into our house, and beat all of us at our game… and walked out victorious!
I wonder if we could do that!

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