Treasures in Earthly Vessels!

Uniquely made!! that’s you and that’s me! Do we realize that no two people are exactly the same? There is no other human being on this earth with my fingerprint..

Last night I went to a training class for volunteering at the church and it was amazing, because even though we were wanting to volunteer in Kid Care.. They were showing us the video they show new employees to Southwest Airlines.. Me and the other lady training sat there thinking… “Are they seriously showing us a video about air travel at child care volunteering”

The amazing thing is that it showed me a great deal about myself being there..

Watching that video.. I saw a pilot, a concierge, a stewardess and all the people who work for an airline to make it run.. and I thought about the difference in all the people I meet on a daily basis.
If you ask someone who hates flying if they love airplanes and they will more than likely say they are terrified of them, but if you ask a pilot or anyone of the people employed by an airline if they love airplanes, they would say they can’t live without it.. While you have the other group of people that say that can’t live with it!

Now, what does this have to do with my blog.. We all are geared with certain tendencies.. in that video I saw all the people they served as valuable and precious cargo flying each time.. but within every soul there is enclosed special talents, special abilities.. almost like superhero powers..

Ever watched those superheroes they can all do something very particular… So can we… We all have certain strengths that fit in with the other strengths to enhance the kingdom of God! Since it is we were created for Him.. It is good that we know our gifting because locked in them we can find our purpose and then we will know the power the Lord put down in us as a treasure.. His word is the ultimate power, but imagine linking power with purpose!

As believers we are earthen vessels that contain much power.. We were called to do great things, so why are we merely existing… Let’s do what we do and do it well!


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