Stretching Your view of God!

A.W. Tozer Quotes on God “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. …”

     I personally believe that in order to stretch our view of God we must first seek to increase the faith that we have in who He is by getting to know Him!

What are some of the first thoughts that come to Your mind when you think of God! Is He a task master, an absentee landlord?? Is He like a father in the delivery room experiencing the birthing of his first baby getting to hold them..
Obviously we are told that He loves us so much, He would never forget about us.. He writes our names in the palm of His hands, and we are the apple of His eye” Sounds more to me like the thought of the daddy with his little girl, or with his first born son.. Can you see the love in that father’s eye, and what could get between him and his son or daughter.. Absolutely! That’s what our view of God could be..

But in order for us to truly know that it sometimes feels like we first have to have parents who modeled that and if we didn’t well, it just seems as if we have already got a jacked up perception!

God is bigger than anything we could ever imagine and He has no opposite.. You know how we say.. the opposite of cold is…. hot and the opposite of good is…. bad… well that is not true about God although we like to say that the devil would be His opposite it simply isn’t true.. Satan started out as Lucifer, a created being and whom do you think created him.. even he had to ask God’s permission before he could lay a finger on Job..

But who really believes the Lord anymore.. I think of the children of Israel as they were getting ready to possess the promised land.. Promised by God by the way and the 10 spies came back with a true report that happened to be evil simply because they could not believe God was as big as He said he was…

The problem with many believers is our faith is Asleep.. It is on unemployment and the bible says faith without works is dead.. Why don’t we resuscitate our faith.. Why don’t we give it a job.. Like working out at the gym, we must work out the measure we have been given by God..
We must learn to stretch our view of God.. We must learn to have a bigger perception.. and the way we see Him must change! The problem is, so many of us have been let down in the past by others so often that we have no point to reference as we try to consider what to think of a God who says He is this or that.. If we have no other person to hold Him alongside.. then we have a hard time imagining Him to be who He truly truly is!!!


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