Anything too hard?

We grew up listening to songs like… “my God is so big, so strong and do wide and there’s nothing my God can not do!”
For me the most important thing for a child to know and any adult who endeavors to walk with God is that He has no opposite, the opposite of cold may be heat, and the opposite of good may be bad but God is so powerful there is no authority that can oppose him.
In genesis 18 God gives a snapshot of just how powerful he is when he tells Abraham… there’s nothing too hard for me! He knew Sarah was well past child bearing years, he also knew Abraham had issues believing she would have the baby… with the Hagar incident and all…
But God didn’t let their unfaithfulness nullify his faithfulness… he was still exactly who he is and would still do exactly as he said, regardless of what was standing in opposition to him. Is there something impossible and you believe it will never work… when the womb was too old for babies, Sarah hoy pregnant, when Jairus daughter was dead Jesus showed up.. what about the woman with the issue of blood or Lazarus… God told Ezekiel to speak to dry bones in a valley… I tell you our God is so great, so strong, and do wide…there’s nothing our God cannot do..
Nothing is impossible for him, and nothing is too hard for him. He is God and there is no power that overrides his.. if he says it even if it wasn’t so it becomes that very moment just because of the nature of who he is…
Try him and see… taste and see that he is good.. he will work it out Everytime.


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