The art of perception

In the 18th chapter of the book of Genesis in the first 9 verses something wondrous happens… read with me and see if you’ll get it too..
At the very head of the chapter we are made aware that it is the Lord who is appearing to Abraham..
But Abraham doesn’t see him until he “lifts his eyes” this doesn’t necessarily mean that his head was just down so he didn’t see the Lord. The Lord was always there, he is Jehovah Shammah the Lord who is there… but he was making a visible manifestation of his presence so to say he appeared to mean he had simply chosen to show himself to Abraham in a tangible way.
When Abraham perceives it is the Lord while he is sitting at the entrance to his house, note what he does, he didn’t just sit there, the bible says once he had a clear view of who was standing opposite him he got in a hurry to initiate fellowship by showing hospitality. He didn’t wait for the Lord to come to him, all he had to do was perceive the Lord was near.. Abraham ran to meet and greet the Lord offering him food..
Don’t ever go empty handed of you know the Lord is in your midst offer him your service.
A course of events take place after this although that is not my point.. I have already gone past it and now I will circle back…
God chooses if and when he reveals himself to people.. yet can you imagine how many times you’ve just been sitting idol and he appeared but you didn’t see him..
Obviously it said Abraham had built an altar to the Lord in this place so he had been calling on the Lord, but when the Lord showed up he still had to lift his perception to perceive it to be God.
Do you see God In the ordinary?
The bible lets us know the Lord appeared to Abraham as three men.. not one… hmmm, let that marinate!
The three men Abraham saw the bible defines as the Lord and he lifts his eyes and perceives correctly and goes into action not just to ask him a whole bunch of questions about why he’d come Abraham had a moment of worship, then he got moving to serve..
What are the principles in this text that you can pull out which would speak to your life.
What if God were appearing in the midst of the normalcy of the day but you were so busy concentrated on what you were doing you didn’t even see him passing you by? How would you respond if your eyes were opened to see God coming to the door of your house? Would you be able to discern when it’s time to worship and even its time to get up from his feet and serve him?
Ask him today to help you to discern if he is in your midst.. don’t expect anything from him just offer him a sacrifice of your time, talents, abilities and your stuff which he’s so graciously given.


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