A word on planning well

This morning in my quiet time I read a very powerful text from Genesis..I would like to share it with you! The text was in the 18th chapter of Genesis and it was around the 15th verse when God begins to have a conversation with Abraham about what He has heard.. Now from the outskirts this seems like God is gossiping but it is proof of the verse that says “The secret of the Lord is with they that fear Him!” Ps 25:14

When I saw this text it made me strongly ponder some things.. Think in your sanctified imagination if you will about what Lot is doing at this time.. He’s possibly in his house planning to go to work tomorrow, he’s probably worked real hard to own that house he and his wife and daughters are living in. What if he’s made it pretty good and he’s sitting on a cushion now in this stage in his life and he has no idea that tomorrow it will all be destroyed..

While Lot is on the other side of Sodom… God is having a conversation with Abraham his uncle.. Because his uncle had it like that with God and well, I guess he didn’t!

God revealed it to Abraham for His own reasons, let me tell you the destruction of Sodom was going to happen anyway, but the Lord let a mere man in on His plans simply because He was in relationship with him.. Abraham took the knowledge God was sharing and used it for intercession, not for ALL the souls that were going to perish but just for the one that was related to him, hoping that this boy had been living right!
Now let’s change the parallel. We go about our daily chores and duties and most time we think what we are doing is just routine and mundane but what if today was the last day we got to do those things and after today life as we know it were to changed.. This was what happened to Lot.. It didn’t matter what all he had accomplished in that beautiful land with the green grass.. it was all going to perish… there would be fire falling from heaven.. Yes! People were going to literally BURN!

Can you see the flesh on fire in context with what actually took place and Lot and his wife had to be forced out of their comfy little life they had made for themselves.. Hm.. Sometimes it can be hard to give up those things we think we worked so hard to achieve, but in an instant it’s sobering to think that God could take it all away. Things do happen like that this is why the bible says that “If the Lord wills, we will live to do this or that” That’s what we should say about tomorrow! Jm 4:13-16… 

Ironically, the bible has a lot to say about planning for the future and while it is a biblically important thing to do it is also important to remember we can make all the plans we want but the Lord’s will will still prevail. How amazing is that! Even though He knows the thoughts and plans He has toward us, we must seek Him daily for what He would have us to be doing and be sure that we are disciplining ourselves to walk as Jesus did so when He returns we are ready and not caught like the 5 virgins who slept with not enough oil in their laps.. 

In all your pursuits remember this… the greatest is to be ready for the day He returns!


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