Have you ever been chosen?
Whether it was the guy you were dating and he chose you to be his wife. Or the college you applied to chose to grant you a scholarship. Have you ever been on a job interview and they told you how many other candidates had applied after you were the one hired!?
There are many things in this life we get excited about being chosen for.. and it starts at the moment of conception, you beat the rest to that egg… it’s a beauty in knowing Jesus said he chose us and we didn’t choose him.
This same truth is illustrated in Abraham’s life in Genesis 18:19 when God says he has chosen Abraham, this literally means he has known him.. this means before his mother ever met his father, before the foundations of the world there was him, known of God, by name..
This is how it was easy for God to change his name, the name change symbolizes chosen tendencies presented before hand…
This boggled my mind though God chose Abraham for Very particular reasons so they He (God) could bring about a huge blessing in his life..
Just like He chose Abraham, when He spoke of his descendants, telling him to count the stars, we were among them… for He knew us before, and chose us for His purpose to be fulfilled in us..
Phew! That’s deep


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