The difference between cravings and hunger!!!

Many people know just this week I started running.. A sweet friend of mine did me a favor, she invited me to run with her … At first I thought to myself.. I haven’t run in years, are you kidding me.. I will probably walk the hole time.. I can walk 5 miles in a moment, it’s not the duration I have that down, but jogging/running is a whole other monster, I hadn’t run since high school, not on a consistent basis anyway!

Although I am all in for fitness, I really want to lose weight, I seem to have some added inches around the abdominal area and I would love to see it completely dissipate. So, that was one of my main goals in running, I knew one thing.. It’s the quickest way to burn off the most calories.. in a real healthy fashion! 

So after I ran that first day I felt so great I went into that mode… you know the mode… the one that says.. I’ve worked off all that I’m not messing it up by eating something that’s not healthy for me and throwing all that away.. 

I then turned around and did that very thing.. That day I had eaten all fruit and veggies, but that night I really over did it.. I ate pasta from Domino’s pizza, for one reason.. I craved it! 

It was at that moment I realized… Kevilyn, You are not Hungry at all! You just want this b/c your mind is telling you to eat it! 

Well after I bought that pasta bowl and ate it all I felt absolutely horrible and thought that I would have done better just not to have my debit card and cash with me at all awhile since the main thing I spend on is eating out…

Then it happened.. 

This morning I was reading the bible in a small quiet time and I saw it right there again.. It was mind blowing.. in Exodus 11 the children of Israel were fresh out of Egypt in slavery, where their children were being killed, they were being beaten and oppressed.. Surely these people were struggling to get through crying out to God every single day for help.. Finally, HE hears them and comes to deliver them… and not even 2 months out.. they go into a mode….you know that mode… Grumbling and complaining.. Hey they were only EATING manna now… What about the leeks, onion, garlic, and cucumbers and all those good things from before.. Now all we get to EAT is this…. MANNA! I don’t want this.. I want some of that good meat we ate there.. 

The bible says in vs 34 the Lord sent them meat alright but while it was still in their mouths He killed off MANY of them because they CRAVED the meat from Egypt! 

This led me to thinking how the power of food has linked so far in the bible.. Isaac liking Esau specifically because he had a taste for wild game.. Food, well, what was the only 2 things Pharaoh kept from Joseph.. his wife… and his FOOD! 

So I began to ask myself what’s the biggie! When I had my daughter, my youngest child.. I nursed her and she would normally only cry when she was hungry but even then was a tendency to be trained.. She did what I called “Snacking” She liked to nurse sometimes once an hour as opposed to every 3-4 hours and for a moment I got so tired of feeding her we’d be stopping walking through the mall, or at the park because she needs me to nurse her and I realize that even though most babies cry intuitively like the rest of my children when they were hungry and they only ate until they were full… this one was different. I know that was not not overeating.. she just really liked to snack.. and we develop this craving as adults.. if we don’t train ourselves early on to just …snack.. Not even really hungry.. I know it’s what happened to me the other night.. So I had to correct this problem mainly if I were going to get anything out of my running… I had to retrain my mind to think differently about food, just as those Israelites had to learn to do and they paid a pricely cost for not learning it sooner!

Hunger is when you really have a need to eat.. The people In some places in Africa, they are hungry, people who hadn’t eaten in days.. no, us here in America, many of us …. are not hungry at all when we say we are hungry… we are mentally desiring food that we want to eat! 

Craving is desiring a specific kind of food… They named specific foods that they were “dreaming” about…. these foods were of course not on the new diet God was feeding them and this angered them, that they would consider going back to all the hell and misery they had come from ….. for a craving! So God killed off all those with that Strange craving…for MEAT!

Why? Bad habits are passed down to our children and then we start a generational trend that must be stopped!


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