Entertaining Angels!

This morning as I read Genesis 19 I saw it in an entirely new light.. The first thing I wondered was: “Why is Lot taking up so much real estate is scripture? I mean what is the bible trying to get across that we ought to understand in this context.. because otherwise there would be no use to say so much in such detail..
What do we know about Lot!? Well, he was obviously the nephew of Abraham. He watched his uncle come from a place of worshiping idols to a place where he honestly, truthfully and wholeheartedly loved God. I thought that in itself was beautiful, Lot had witnessed a testimony. And I’m sure like any other christian who lives closely with other people their lifestyles tend to rub off every now and then..

Then something happened… A quarrel broke out! But the quarrel was not with Abraham and his nephew he had carried along on his journey when God called him to leave. Lot had experience many blessings just because of his connection with Abraham by the way.. But at this point their “Things” had gotten to be too much for the land to hold. Their menservants and maidservants began to quarrel with each other about space when Abraham asked him to simply pick a place that he could move on to, it was best obviously they go separate ways!

Well, that they did, but Lot wanted to be sure he would be taken care of.. after all you were taking away his security, his uncle! He would have to make sure he set himself up in a good place! He chose the place where the grass was greenest, it would be best for producing crops to take care of all these animals and people he had to take care of.. And then it had to have springs of water.. That’s like choosing to move to another city, you look for the places that has the best prospect of you surviving so you look at employment rates when you decide and the type of people there, if they match what you are used to, then you move?  Well, Lot was just trying to be smart since he was given the option.. But with no outward real relationship with the Lord at this time he didn’t choose as well as he could have.. For in this beautiful place was a lot of wicked people.

He pitched a tent right outside Sodom. Abraham had to bail him out one other time when he was taken captive with his family! No doubt Abraham had a great deal of love for his nephew because just last night Abraham was before the Lord interceding for Lot his nephew… Now, as you can imagine he’s probably worked real hard and got him a nice little home to live in and all the little perks that come along with it.. Got him a pretty classy job and he’s doing pretty good going about business as usual.. When one day… 2 men show up! He recognizes them immediately.. That’s a whole other story! He gets up and greets them, showing extreme hospitality he invites them to stay in his home.. and even after they don’t agree he pushes a little further until they stay.. He is entertaining angels… and he is aware of it!! Or is he?? He calls them “my lords” I think that would show some form of reverence but the only real clue we get is what happened after he had gotten them in his house and had prepared food for them and they had eaten and were getting ready for bed.. When ALL the men of the city surrounded the house he wanted to protect those men at all cost, Even if it meant defiling his daughter’s and putting them in a place to be abused and harmed. Now to me that was totally not necessary, but it shows he had some unction of who he was entertaining! He was willing to give up whatever he had to protect the presence of even an angel!

In this scenario we know how it has to end the angels wind up protecting him, as he is being overcome by all these men he went out courageously to confront with the intent to let his daughters be harmed by them..
He was entertaining Angels.. I wonder today, if we came into company with an angel what we would do? Obviously they were noticeable to others so they were not just seen by him, and obviously they were something to look at.. But who can perceive real glory… How will you entertain an angel?


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