An interesting Bible Story!

When I first read this story I wanted to laugh because I realized the seriousness of it, and I knew that the story it told inside the story would be one of the hardest to display and make real enough for our world to see and feel a need to do something new and different!

Amazingly in our Country, 82% Americans will without hesitation vouch and say they are Christians and about 67% actually believe in heaven and hell.. Even less sadly believe that there will be a “Return of Christ.”

I was reading this morning in Genesis 19:26… and this scripture is everything but trivial, but we skip right over it. We don’t hear much about “Lot’s Wife” as a matter of fact the bible doesn’t even give her a name.. It just called her “Lot’s Wife” I think when the bible does this it’s leaving the canvas blank so we can put our names in the slot, meaning it has universal meaning! Now we know we can learn a lot about Lot from the scripture, whose family he was in? where’s he’s from? and so much more. But Not “Mrs. Lottie” That’s what I choose to call her.. I guess it would be okay to give her a name… 

This verse only says about her, that she looked back… And became a pillar of salt!!!! 

Flip forward to Luke 17:32…. Jesus mentions her in one of the shortest verses in the bible, right next to “Jesus wept”… “Remember Lot’s wife” That’s all He says.. Now why didn’t He explain a little bit more about this.. What was the point of Him mentioning her, we didn’t learn much about her in Genesis did we… We know that the place she lived in was being destroyed and some angels came and stayed in her luxurious house and then they had to force their family to leave the next day! 

Let’s now get a little idea of what “Lottie” had… When Lot was with Abraham, the reason the bible says they parted company was because their maidservants and menservants were arguing… about where to put all their flocks.. This man seemed to be loaded at that point… I don’t think all the “stuff” he had just fell off and died.. I think he was still doing pretty good.. And suddenly, this angel comes and says….. LEAVE IT ALL! Everything you have.. don’t take no flocks, no herds, leave all these people behind and things, even your nice home……(None of your nice clothes, gold and jewelry, oh and you can leave this pretty 2 story house because it’s going up in the flame) They (The angels of the Lord) were asking Mrs Lottie to leave everything she had become accustomed to and her life was about to radically change. So, as even Lot hesitated and had to be “taken” out… because “the Lord had compassion on him”….. now Mrs. Lottie and the children are also in a dilemma!

She looks back!!! 

She turns around, because something in her was drawn to something in her past more than what was ahead for her in her future.. This story is so deep, it’s as plain as day before us. 

Jesus talks about the Last days when He mentions her how it will be like in the time of Noah, even like in Lot’s time, people will be going about eating and drinking, marrying and doing whatever suits them..but who will be ready on that day to leave their major projects behind??? Who will be ready on that day, even though it’s the first day on that new job in that executive position you’ve worked so hard for? Who? Mrs. Lottie sure wasn’t… 

Do not love this life, nor the things in it.. For it will certainly perish and if you love them more than Him, you will perish along with them!


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