they made it!

This evening I was so excited.. the house had been so quiet the last 2 weeks.. but now my kiddos were coming home for a brief intermission…. yup! It was good cause I was really missing them.. but at the same time I realized along with having them back the house would not be quiet anymore, I couldn’t just pickup and go for a run… and life wwould definitely have to change for me.. at least the next 3 days until they were gone back to be with their dad the other half of the time..

The time arrived quicker than I imagined, they were here, and I could certainly forget watching my comedy show with the cussing tomorrow night.. watching movies made for adults was also out of the question. Right before they arrived my favorite movie from ny teen years had just come on… and well… I could forget about enjoying it… 

We only have one tv… 

And tthat’s the way I’d like to keep it… as a matter of fact I wish we could get rid of gadgets all together along with all the cable channels and go back to the days 15 channels was enough! And at 11p all the tv’s went off..

Nah, they were glad to be back because they had the ipad to play on and the DS.. and the kindle fire, and they could use my computer or laptop.. somehow I wish I could have untrained them to all that junk.. but that’s where society is going.. thank you very much! All gadgets, all electronic, all tech world…. 

Isn’t it sad but brilliant all at the same time!

Many of the luxurious they have I only wish I had the luxury of having! But hey, as a single mom, it gives me time for myself I should have been able to pass off to a father that lived in the house with it stands I don’t have that luxury!

But hey he’s doing his part, let’s not beat him up.. he’s doing what the divorce decree says as far as seeing them.. no more, no less… sometimes I wish he could have them All summer and I have them All school year, but it’s so confusing that way, the only thing I really wish Is that I didn’t have to patent alone the whole rest of the year.. I’ll leave that there…

So, they get here… I began running as a form of exercise since they left, hadn’t run today… so I thought I’d take them on their scooters their normally far up ahead of me… not this time… they seem to have forgotten how to even ride their scooters… it was very painful for me because I had to constantly tell them… “go ahead, ride the scooter” they kept wanting to stop to look around and this agitated the life out of me to be honest.. bad enough warm up time was spent waiting for the dog to relieve himself.. but now my kids are constantly stopping right in front of me and blocking the path for me, or rolling over the dog paws not wanting to go on ahead!

It dawned on me then… this is what real life looks like for me and every other single mother…

Although, I had to stop my run because my kids fell a couple of times… I was so glad they were not hurt.. even though I had to stop my run to sit the 30 minutes   to wait for them to play in the park… 

Well…here’s the thing.. there’s a parent it there with a child that cannot play by themselves..  their child must be pushed in a stroller, or wheel chair, or mentally is unable to play by themselves without assistance.. so I realized almost immediately how blessed I was that even though I had to keep stopping my run because my children wanted to stop and pet dogs while I was the one struggling to walk the one I bought for them they had taken absolutely no responsibility for this time they’d been with their daddy… nah… you know what I’ll take having this moment to be with them much more valuable than if they were not here…

Tonight my daughter got home as all she wanted to do was school work in her work book she couldn’t do work at her dad’s house and my son wanted to play with his super hero toys… so we get home, and there’s this precious quiet moment that is breath taking as the dog has been satisfied  children r good… and its bed time!


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