Uniquely made!

Do you believe that? Every person who was granted permission into the earthly realm, for any period of time, is born with specific purpose!
There’s meaning to every life!
As I read through the bible several times the one thing that kept jumping out to me was, just as everyone mentioned who did anything great had it in them since the beginning.. Moses was a leader, that’s why he was preserved, and what about Saul who had his name changed to Paul the apostle, can you see him being a tax collector.. it wasn’t his call although he could have done it very well..David, there was a King in that kid, and Samson, the man was a born terminator, we see scenarios like Isaac just born flour promise and so many others, what of Simon whose name was changed to Peter the rock. many futile attempts to accomplish things that are not connected to our true identity happen daily.. but.. in the end that’s why most people who get degrees in one area realize later it didn’t give them true pleasure..
Purpose always beckons us to more..In the stillness, the quietness of the night when we lie awake, we know we were created for more..
In my study of Abraham of Ur of the Chaldeans, called in Haran, by God Himself, there was great purpose on him before he knew it, just as there was in Moses in the backside of the dessert, running from Pharoah. Just as there was on David tending sheep, just as there was on Samson with his craving for philistine women… there’s something in all of us that is so natural, yet we fan it away like a fly, that’s just a nuisance, but it won’t leave us alone… it just keeps buzzing at the door of our hearts, and we decide, whether we live our lives wandering like the children of Israel or if we’ll go in an possess the very reason we were uniquely made.


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