At the well

Tonight as I pondered genesis 21 I ran across something I thought would be good to share publicly…
In this chapter so many courses of events takes place… a promise is fulfilled for Abraham, he gets Isaac, but he also has to send away Ishmael and Hagar… God promises to make Ishmael a great nation, but Ishmael is sent off with only a bottle of water and a loaf of bread..
In other words God promises Abraham he would personally take care of the boy because he had a promise over him at that point.
Sarah is satisfied. But Hagar is at the point she has to put Ishmael under a tree and pray she doesn’t have to watch him die.
Now the bottle of water Abraham gave her was empty and the little bread had run out, and there was no way she could feed him, so how could that promise God made be any good??
Well she stops off in a place the bible calls Beersheba… it’s in the wilderness, and God opens her eyes to see a well there and she fills the skin the husband who sent here away gave her.. not even 6 verses later same chapter, Abraham is at the same well.. and he’s got a complaint because he’s arguing he is the one who dug this well in Beersheba, but it has been seized..
Stay with me now, this is the same well Hagar found herself at with Ishmael that he dug.. but that’s not the only well… wait a moment there’s another well… it’s the well God meets Hagar at the first time she’s running away from Sarah.. when she calls him the God who sees her.. what is it about God meeting her at places of refreshing..
Whenever you truly encounter God downcast and at your wits end always leave refreshed.


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