What are you expecting

This morning in my quiet time I mediated on a certain passage from  Jn 1:35

It is such a  beautiful passage because the questions Jesus asked can easily become prayers…
The question in this text was..
“What are you looking for?”
John the one who baptized pointed out it was Jesus passing when two of his disciples went to follow Him… he turned and asked them; what are you looking for?
Now I have to ask you tonight, as you follow Christ, what are you expecting him to do for you?
It’s about motives, priorities, it’s a question many of us should here him ask us in this hour… are we expecting him to give us keys to the kingdom, is he just a ticket to heaven? Is he just the provider in your times of need? We can follow Jesus for plenty reasons, but he gives us the challenge to stop, pause, and think what’s the reason for us…


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