Why do you believe?

Ever had to prove yourself to someone?
I mean you know who you are, they should know, but they are not sure… and you have to convince them. How do you feel when you have to do that? Frustrated, agitated, angry?
Some of us would just walk away saying to that person; “I don’t have to prove myself to you”
But that is not what Jesus does….
In John 1:50… he is speaking to Philip and he tells him he saw him under a tree, when Phillip questions how he just knows who he is upon arrival.. well, there were no formal introductions.. so I’d wonder who told you about me as well.. after all I don’t think I’ve made your acquaintance before.. but Jesus triggered something in his mind…
It may have been a moment he pondered believing or not and at that moment he was convinced..
However, Jesus was saying to him, he should have believed at that moment… then when he saw Jesus he would have recognized him from the first encounter… under that tree.
Do we miss God when he shows himself, then only believe if he proves himself by some way we think he should?
Why do you follow Him?

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