The necessity of Obedience!

In the culture we live in today…. We don’t feel like we have to answer to anyone! We live in a rebellious society, children disobey their parents.. Adults disobey their employers, not to mention the law on all fronts.. Life is just not what it used to be, nor is it what it should be.. We in the great country of America and human beings in general take upon the mentality that we owe allegiance to no-one and we choose to give it to whom we decide. And many of us don’t hold this mentality that we belong to anyone, except that of the person We choose to give ourselves to. We don’t feel we owe anyone Anything, not even respect and no-one has the authority to require obedience of us in our eyes, we are free to make our own choices and “we have rights” didn’t you know that! “Ya bettah ask somebody!”

When it comes down to the text I read on today it was gut wrenching because it was so true.. it’s a look at a bible character who was placed in a position of authority he was only given by God, and then he chose that he wanted to rebel against and disobey the God who gave him the authority, he is not the first and he is not last to do this.. But we have to think about this.. the repercussions of our decisions can sometimes be greater than what we think!

Ever have that person on your team, on your project or on your staff who just doesn’t listen. You have a problem getting them to do anything as a team because they feel like they don’t need you and guess what.. “Your not the boss of me!” that’s the way it goes these days right.. Only thing is.. people like that don’t keep jobs or positions very long right! Maybe.. I’ve been on teams where the slacker was able to even partake in our passing grade because the other people pulled all the weight for them and that’s what got them a passing grade.. however, God is not like that.. If you don’t pull your own weight, doing what is asked of you, you may get ahead for now but the day will come when you have to answer.. This is perfectly expressed in the character of Saul!

He takes up quite a bit of real estate in scripture and I think it would be good to look at his life… to see what we should not do!

I will stick with only one chapter and talk about the day he lost his anointing to be king because of his disobedience to the God who chose him out to be the leader over a whole nation.

1 Samuel 15… Now the story of Saul’s life runs from ! Sam. 9-31, so we can see that even after the time he lost his anointing he remained in his position a very long time, but he did lose all his power to do what he did in any significant way on this day!

Ever had warnings on your job.. the employer took note that you were slacking so they pulled you over on the side and said, listen up.. You’ve not quite been doing every thing we hired you to do, but we are going to let you keep working here.. now please get this right!!

Well, Saul had that warning.. He knew what he was supposed to be doing from the time he went outside of his position to make offerings instead of waiting for Samuel.. now the event happens.. God gives a direct command.. and this guy, in all honesty thinks he is obeying, but he had believed a lie, he was disobeying, instead of destroying everything ( He didn’t understand that part) he kept the king and the best of all the cattle alive thinking he could just sacrifice them to God.. But God didn’t want his sacrifices, God wanted his obedience!

Because of this act of disobedience.. His kingdom was taken from him! that very day, that very moment… and he never recovered it.. For respect of your time I don’t want to really labor in this but I have soooo much to say on this..

The bottom line, the point I want to make is this.. If you know God has said in His word or to you personally to do something…. just do it the way He said or you risk losing ALL, and you may not be able to recover it..


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