Random thoughts!

I asked myself a question tonight I want you to relate to with me!  Let me go there because life can’t be biblical every second of every day.. Somewhere human emotion steps in and you begin to have ravenous feelings of the fact that nature has called you to have a life outside of the spirit realm and you have something to say. when I was younger I loved to write poetry, I thought I had this mind that could make a blind man see through the eyes of imagination..
      What if I die tomorrow? What will I say??? Will I say I have suffered enough? Will I ask the Father to let me live again a better life than this??? Will I have loved all I could? And given all I would?What if I die tomorrow? Surely it is a proven fact I am saved but I haven’t always been on my best behavior.. Would I get there and thank God again for my Savior??? Will I be glad that this life came to an end or say Jesus I feel I have work to do my friend?Will I have missed every opportunity for sheer happiness and peace? Or will I gently say I am glad I was limited to your reach?
       I begin to think deep thoughts to ponder on that I would ask the Father.. Like Why did I have to go through so much hurt? Why did innocent people die? why did you not answer me the minute you heard my cry? Why’d you let him hurt me or her walk away? I ask all these things because I don’t see how I got the will power to stay? How did I lose my mind in the shuffle? My cries seemed to be heard but oh so muffled? This was it no longer could I hold it in… I had issues death couldn’t mend… If I died tomorrow will I have peace of mind? Will I feel to me life was unkind? Did I wait as best I could? Did I believe when no others would? Did I stand the test of time? Did I spend well every last dime?
        If I die tomorrow who will remember me? Will I only be remembered one week or for someone a hole eternity? What will happen to the people who came to Christ in the midst of my words? Why should I consider that now, that’s absord? If I could have a moment of your time the Lord says… Let me answer…. When I created you I gave you the heart you have. I know all that is within it, everytime you cried and everytime you laughed.. I am the reason the devil never took you out and though you are ready to die, you shall surely live have no doubt.. The nights get long and the days get short… But above all I will be there in the end as I was from the start. Hold your head up high and know that you will live.. and when you die you’ll have given all I have given you to give.. Hold on to what I have said though it cost all you have right now… Life isn’t over and you need to praise me anyhow!

you should praise me anyhow.


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