Always a sacrifice!

When I was married, my ex- husband always made this one comment that stuck with me.. “A sacrifice will always have to be made” 

In other words we would be in a debate about a woman being successful in the business world and successful at home with her husband and children.. and the answer we came up with is there is no such thing as a woman who truly thrives in every area of her life.. She will either forfeit the one for the other or fail miserably at both.. 

When we think of stay at home moms who sacrifice their careers for their children, some of them were professional and had already attained in the business world when they decided.. Well, this is certainly more important than that!

You began to also ponder in your mind the women who said that was more important than this.. and surely my children will understand.. mama’s gotta keep bread on the table.. don’t you understand that.. I’ve gotta focus on this so I can provide this… or give you that.. and well, what would you choose!

Currently, I am a single parent who is unemployed and this season of my life I’m positive won’t last forever.. Yet, even in my marriage we often struggled with my desire to be educated and to learn more.. To be fluent in spanish and to be able to do calculus.. We struggled with my desire to pursue a writing career and to really sit and build on my imagination … but there was never any time for that.. 

Being a Real mother will always mean a sacrifice. It will always mean you will have to give up something, Especially being a single mother who is trying to be “Real” with it!

I have to be honest.. Sometimes I still have very strong desires to go to college and get a degree.. and it overtakes me, the desire to want more than what I have and pretty soon I realize.. Wait a moment I have to make that choice all over again then.. and whatever choice I make I have to be pleased to accept all the consequences whatever that means they must be..

I chose once again today…… My children!


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