Why people Are Destroyed!

This is a very interesting topic, because when we speak of the word “destroy”, it brings a strong connotation to our minds of one who is “brought to nothing”..”taken down” and “crumbled to pieces” .. It means “to cease, to be cut off”.. Basically in a literally since to be no more.. Go away.. Die off, “put an end to the existence of a person.. by damaging attack! It means Ruin! It means Defeat!” And who likes any of those words.. All bad right??

So wouldn’t it be good to do a brief or extensive study on why it happens! So that we may choose the opposite of destruction. There is another way! There is a better way! A more excellent way and We can choose it even today!

Since the word of God is the only source of truth I live by, I have to turn to it to see what it has to say about this subject..

Hosea 4:6 ” My people are destroyed, for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being my priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children”

Isn’t that a very tough statement to make? Really harsh for a loving kind God to say to anyone.. Especially after constantly extending Himself to a people and taking care of them and doing what was necessary to secure their well being and they kept turning away from Him to other things, people and places..

Imagine with me.. You are walking up the street one day, or out for your morning jog.. when you hear a sound over in the bushes. It’s the sound of a baby crying.. and the cries are even muffled because the baby is caught in the thickets and getting ready to be smothered and die.. b/c you are a caring, loving person you go over to see what the all the noise is about and how you may help.. You untie the thickets and rescue that baby. You take that baby home and clean that baby washing it with soap and water, making it smell good and feeding it, providing it a home. When it comes time, you decide not to send her away to a foster home, but you provide a place for that child… and then she grows up one day! She looks down on you and walks away from you and treats you as if you never helped her when you’ve done nothing but love this child and have done nothing but sacrificed buying this child clothes and making sure this child was safe and the thanks you got was that the child left to go and live with her new boyfriend and didn’t even look back!

God wanted nothing more than intimate relationship with His people.. From the very beginning! He wanted nothing more than to love His children.. All of which were in a dying situation when they met Him, on their way to hell! And He is the Rescuer of us all…

He sent His Son into this world to die for it and save it.. and these people …God’s own people, His children..  they chose their own way, once they felt like they had gotten on their feet, they thought they had it all together and told God.. “I can handle it from here” walking away from His laws and His statutes..and He had news for them… They would perish.. They would be cut off.. They would be destroyed.. because they did not seek to continue in relationship with Him.
Listen, this is not about your neighbor, or what you saw that pastor on the news did.. it’s not about pointing the finger then blaming God for the fact that man has a freewill choice to sin even after he chooses God.. But it’s about our own personal relationship! It’s about our own personal daily walk with Him. He desires to be Known by us.

You know.. Like Adam knew Eve when Cain and Abel were conceived.. He desires to be known by us.. You know like Paul desired to know Him, in the power of His resurrection and in His suffering!

Let me explain, everyday we live we have choices, we can choose life, or we can choose death.. Even after making a decision for Christ.. Quality decisions cause good consequences. If we make poor choices that don’t acknowledge the Lord’s laws and commands… guess what??? Our destruction is inevitable!

So how can we make this better.. How can we make things look differently for us today? How can we make a better tomorrow?

It’s not about keeping a score card..GOD is not up in heaven keeping score on everytime you do something against His laws.. but He is monitoring what is happening in Your heart when you do those things! What can we do to cultivate this intimacy God wants with us?
Be mindful of all He’s already done for you. Even in the midst of a sinful nature that has been changed to the nature of Jesus when we accept Him.. We must always remember that our hearts must stay turned toward Him and never turned to pursuing other things people or places. He is the source.. Remember that only!

Sobering thoughts!


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