The necessity to pass it on!

As I have taken the challenge to Read through the bible in 90 days again as I do each year.. Sometimes more than once a year.. I am once again in the press, 5 days in and I’m already hitting the book of Exodus pretty hard.. I always go through this major stage of just lots of revelation in the beginning then the more you get into it and start hitting those books like Numbers and Leviticus.. and Deuteronomy which is like a recap of Exodus – Deuteronomy.. you start thinking to yourself.. I’ve gotta push through these couple of days cause while at first I was receiving a whole bunch.. you’ll hit that point where you feel like you get nothing out of 10-15 chapters a day.. Trust me!

But today I got something out of it … again, and this time I’d like to share it with you..

The emphasis in my heart is on sharing the message of God’s love and faithfulness with our children..

As I am just about through the plagues God sent to the Egyptians right before they released the Israelites, I realized that there must have been something right passed on to the children of Israel, because God said He first heard their cries about their suffering, then He said He went to see about it, and then He said He was sending Moses to deliver them.. How powerful is that! We serve a God who can do something about it..

Yet, you will find these little nuggets in the verses if your looking close enough where God will set up markers for one reason only.. So that the children would know.. He would tell those who experienced this great deliverance to set up stones and write it down and always repeat it to their children.. so that they would know the type of GOD they were serving and what He could do..There is no doubt these signs are breathtaking just reading through them.. But I believe they were not just to show the Egyptians He was God,but to build up a resume, with the Children of Israel who had experienced nothing but slavery all their lives.. He wanted them to know the God they were calling out to whom they thought had forgotten about them, He really did hear them and it was He who did all these miraculous things as He carried them out by Eagle’s wings and did such great things for them!

Even in New Testament times much of the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ was by word of mouth.. Some people whose lives had been radically changed by God felt burdened to share what He had done with those everywhere they went! So it is our great commission to pass it on! Not to keep our faith to ourselves..But to make sure we embed the message in our children that Jesus lives and He reigns forever and also those around us who are suffering and dying without a savior!


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