Hope in a hopeless world

This evening I picked up my Sunday paper and there on the front page there was a lady walking down some stairs.. The headline read: “Domestic Violence Survivor Story Woman can’t leave pain of shooting behind, but life goes on”

Now in the picture granted she has a new husband and her first husband had tried to kill her by shooting her and killed himself afterwards, only his plan only half succeeded he died… She lived!

How many times do we hear stories like this.. Barely made it out.. But survived.
This past week marked 9 years since the devastating Hurricane Katrina that ravaged New Orleans and I read today that they are now opening a new New Orleans East hospital and are going forward with the rebuilding. How amazing can life be.

It’s all about the perception of the season your in!
I do realize that there are some things that are so traumatic you just don’t get over them over night.. The death of my mother, my divorce, losing my first daughter to her father.. All those things were not instances I could have gotten over over night.. Being raped by the head deacon in your church.. Let me explain something to you, there’s not an overnight fix to this..
But the story I read in the paper really tugged at my heart because the lady was so tremendously blessed that she had remarried, she came out of it, not only with her life, but she found a man that truly loved her and she remarried and the headline read “Woman can’t leave pain of shooting behind” How many times have we been through things like that in life.. Life has gone on and we have somehow lived but we have only survived it.. we hadn’t thrived.
We live in a world that will get you to wallow in that hopeless state of remembering where you came from and what happened to you. And if you stay there long enough you will see why the debt rate and the death rate steadily increases. I will tell you that people are losing hope everything.

An older wonderful friend of mine once told me.. You can go 7 days without food 3 days without water, but you cannot survive 1 day without hope. There are mental suicides committed every day and we are not even aware that they happen in our own homes sometimes and it’s not until it reaches home and it’s in your family that you truly care and say.. “But I should have reached out… or seen the signs”

How do you help a person that is hopeless.. Isn’t there a lot to be hopeless about, we have people complaining of joblessness and homelessness and people getting divorced and killing themselves like yesterday’s bread.. Yet we stay in our little boxes, our little 2 by 4 cells and it may not be a prison physically but we stay in our own worlds never reaching out to help others and give them hope.
As a matter of fact when we see people acting out in anger and hurting others we don’t think the people that are doing those things have sometimes just given up on life and remember misery loves company..But what if you weren’t miserable with them.. but reached out and smiled at them even after they had been mean to you.. You don’t have to say a word.. What if you just said a kind word or gave them a compliment about something they had on or their hair color… We can be the light of someone’s day, but we are so busy paying attention to what they are doing we are not seeing their hearts.. and when a person is left alone without love.. hopelessness sets in quickly!

We must stay connected.. as human beings we have a ravenous desire to be connected to others, that’s why we use social media and connect to people all around the world on facebook, twitter and instagram.. We want to be hope for someone else who may be in the hospital, in the jail, or in a place where they need a word of strength..

Let me point out what the hope in a hopeless world is..

It’s your gentle hug when someone else makes a mistake saying it’s okay even if it cost you something.. It’s offering your help when you see someone struggling at something.. It’s letting that other person go first when you desperately need to move on.. It’s loving on your children and family members calling them to say your thinking of them.. It’s living a life that’s not focused on you, but helping those who you dont even know are going through


Will you do it this week?? Will you seek out someone to love on.?? You can make a difference.. Yes even you!


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