The cost of Education!~

Seven months ago to the date, I accomplished my Certification in medical coding. I was very excited about it.. for one main reason, I had not wasted my money.. indeed I had paid 1,600.00 for this one certification that I would spend the next 7 months so far trying to find a job in.. Since as a CPC-A (Apprentice) You can’t really go too far until you can get the A off and everyone wants an experienced coder, I seemed like nothing but a waste of money at first!

I also have another very good friend who has her Bachelor’s degree in health care administration and she also has an associates degree in Health Information managament. I shudder to mention what a struggle it has been for her to find a job in the city where her newly wed husband recently moved for his job, who by the way was out of work for the past 7 months… with a bachelor’s degree.. since the week before they were married. This is something to consider seeing that when we go to school and achieve a certain status we expect to be compensated immediately, while there are some who get into financial hardships because of education and never get the relief they thought they would!

While it is the case that I do have a cousin who got her Master’s degree and while there was no effect at first, she stayed with the college she was with and there was yet some pay off for her and her sons..I also have a friend who that happened to, she went to Devry and paid a truck load of money for a Master’s degree and even had to file bankruptcy because of it.. She now works for Kroger as an assistant store manager! And I don’t want to leave out my own aunt who did very well with her Phd, in education!

But there is so much cost to education.. That good friend I mentioned first of all.. She says that many times when she sees the amount of money they take out of her check each time it makes her wanna throw up! It’s thousands and thousands, enough to purchase several cars, and sometimes even a house the debt education can cost you.Our society has maintained however that it is “good debt” Well, why are people living in this debt and unable to thrive for many years because we have to pay so much simply to be educated. 

I have always wanted to be an educated person,and education has always been my passion, but it cost so much! As tuition soars today standing at 90% higher than what it was a decade ago.. and never taking a drop.. it becomes harder even for those who want to consider educating themselves as an option. The Income and Debt ratio of students with an education is horrendous to behold.. Now with the online craze going on, people tend to think that will make a difference, but I think that is a rip off. I’ve done it for years and sometimes they even charge you more, so they don’t have to come to a campus and teach you, they don’t have to invest in seeing you face to face and helping you one on one … They just have to deal with you over a blackboard system and it still cost the same price … or actually more! 

It’s even getting harder for the children who are in grade schools, they are coming up with test now to make them “college ready” so college can rob them blind to give them.. half of a chance and even that is not promised!

It is great to be educated.. I know it! I have already confessed I have always wanted to be an educated person with many degrees to line the ending and beginning of my name.. but in the end.. will that all really matter, when you get to make your business card and hand it out to people but you can barely pay for things you need because you are slave to the borrower.. 
I got into some debt early on.. It’s not as bad as some others, but I was alone and pregnant and it was an option that was there.. until this day I wish I had not even used it as an option.. they have added on so much interest it almost makes me want to throw it out of the window.. but this is what it looks like.. This is what it looks like when tuition fees are hiked up so more people borrow, taking our country inevitably into more debt.. just so they can…. MAYBE get a better job!

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