The CrIsis IN the church!

We live in such a peculiar time and culture… it’s become hard to distinguish the people that love and know God from the people who do not! They seem to somewhat blend in these days! There aren’t many high standards.. we just judge ourselves by what the other person has.. and if we did better than our neighbors.. if our car is nicer, if we don’t have strange people in our house odd hours of the night… that makes us okay with God right? cause at least according to our standards we are moral people… 

Yet, this is religion at it’s best… even when we brag on how much we pray and are praying to be seen in front of a group of people and have no person intimate relationship with God aside from this time in “public glory”.. 

There is a Crisis! And everyone knows it!

No one likes to talk about it.. The pastor’s that are killing themselves are at an all time high.. I mean taking their own lives! Look at the rate of pastor’s and leaders.. I’m not talking about members.. they are merely sheep and if they are taught well, the full, unadulterated truth I doubt they won’t fix their lives to line up with it. But when their are preachers more in the world than balanced in the things of God.. “Houston, we’ve got a problem”!

I have to question why the divorce rate in the church is just as high as that of the divorce rate outside the church? I divorced last year.. My ex-husband wanted the divorce and granted we were both in church, but I have a hard time thinking the “church” was really us.. Because if we were both fully submitted to God how could this have happened.. We are not unsaved people.. Or heathens worshiping the devil or anything.. Why does this sort of thing happen? I’ll tell you, it’s because people are choosing now more than ever not to fear God.. There is no true heart to commit to anything anymore, as sad as that may sound it is the truth and we need to hear it! If you have two people in a marriage truly dedicated to each other and loving God completely and wholeheartedly before they love themselves.. there would be no divorce rate at all.. it saddens me to even have to write about that being IN the Church! But Yes, it is part of the Crisis!

And what is this I hear about preachers having sex with the members.. And people sleeping with people openly in the church! The church used to require holiness like God does. His standards don’t change.I read about a case where a “Pastor Harris in Lake Charles Louisiana was gunned down while he was preaching and here’s the kicker.. It came out in the report on the news that he was sleeping with the deacon who killed him wife and she had just filed a rape report”

The church is IN Crisis!

Nevertheless, we live in a day where my truth can be different than your truth and as long as we choose to believe that ourselves.. we are okay! It’s no longer about God’s truth over all as the final.. there is no absolutes anymore.. and this scares me.. I can choose to believe that it is okay to beat my wife and you can choose that it is not.. that’s your truth.. As long as we fervently believe it.. If I’m SDA, and I choose not to really be submitted to anyone’s rules on sabbath.. You know I’m still okay with God because at least I claim a religion.. This is gut wrenching to me! 

This is why people are leaving the church every day!

The Church Is IN crisis! 

When we come to a place in our society where we legalize abortion, ( the killing of infant babies before they are born) and we make it okay to have sex outside of marriage and “Shack” before we are married, when fornication is strictly forbidden in the church. Why is it okay that men marry men and women marry women and they get to preach in the church like it’s totally okay with God when His word is being twisted to fit our truths.. What we desire in our hearts has been perverted, not what He desires. And children disrespecting their parents is totally okay and it has become wrong to discipline your child.. It makes me wonder.. What is this society going to be 20 years from now!

The Church is in Crisis!


Music isn’t music, television shows aren’t television shows.. and most of all the influences we have ALL seem to pull us toward something other than what we know is good for us!


When all we care about is drawing crowds and telling people ALL you have to do is just accept Christ and everything will be fine.. You can just keep living how you’ve always lived thereby making the church a mockery! 

No! I Exclaim and declare God must not be pleased with the way we are doing things! He can’t be.. With the killing and violence going on in our society, the blaspheming of His name with no second thoughts.. Yes, He will forgive, He is a forgiving God.. But He will not forgive rebellion that our society is still living in and fighting to have legalized as we speak!

I saw on the news a couple of weeks ago, where they had taped up a prayer at the front of a school so that no one could see and read it for God to bless the children there and the people rallied outside to pray, it was like for them they were taking prayer out of the school. That plaque had set there many decades and now suddenly it was offensive.. and little by little we take God out.. and if you mention Jesus your a radical and should be shut down!

Last year I lost a job.. For one reason.. I asked a nurse if he knew Jesus and lived out my christian faith in front of an office of people who were in turn convicted about their own behaviors.. and this was supposed to turn me away from every speaking the name of Jesus again!

I know this blog won’t get many likes and there are many who may leave messages about it for me.. but here is the simple truth of His passion.. 
Jesus Christ did come and He will come again.. And yes He did die for EVERYONE! No one excluded.. but He does not want us in the pulpit preaching and having babies and we are not married, He does not want us having the stain of a court case for molestation of boys..This is not the same God who condones a pastor who preaches every Sunday and will not marry any woman but have relationships that are long standing with women. I am not saying anyone is in sin.. but the church.. It must be covered at ALL cost..

I love Jesus! I do! I am not perfect.. I have so many flaws if I told you you would probably cry out to God for me.. But it saddens me and grieves my heart as I’m sure it does the heart of God …. to know that these things are happening every day, all around the world.. Have you seen the news the people, including children being killed in foreign countries.. this is detestable.. Beheaded journalist.. and so so much more… fathers who leave their children in the car and forget they are there.. What kind of a parent …. a real parent…. Well, I would know about how hard it is to be a parent.. A single one at that.. so don’t get me to talking about HOW HARD IT REALLY IS! But I would not leave my babies.. no matter how frustrating it is.. I know you say, I have not been where they are and can never say what I would not do, if given the right circumstances.. honey I could tell you some stories!


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