The issue of domestic Violence!

So, I know you’ve heard about it! It’s all over the news.. The whole incident with the football player and his wife.. They’ve shown the footage over and over again! 

Has anyone thought it was rather strange that the woman was “knocked unconscious” by the man and she is defending him?

is that peculiar to anyone… at all! Not any more! Not in our society! When did this type of behavior ever become acceptable? 

We are coming upon the month where we are made more aware of domestic violence! Raising awareness is extremely important..

Let me let you in on a secret.. that behavior didn’t start there.. it never does..

For years I was in an abusive relationship.. My friends and family wanted to label it domestic violence.. I did not.. I thought it was normal. I thought it was okay. I have this man, he’s making all this money.. who cares how he treats me, who cares that he isolates me from my family. who cares that he exerts his control over me and intimidates me.. 

Yes! Me! This is very hard to write because it is an area I don’t speak about.. and I will never make him out to publicly be the bad guy.. because if the sad truth were to be told.. If he was here with me today, even with all the inferiority I felt when I was with him.. I still want to be with him!

Now you see why this issue is so near and dear to my own heart. 

Obviously, we have domestic violence situations go on every day, literally every 10 seconds in America and around the world.. A woman is beat, mentally or physically abused by her mate or significant other and not a word is ever spoken of it.. Many of these women literally die at the hands of their lover. 

There seems to be a stigma, if your going to leave me, you won’t be with anyone!

How does a woman get out of a relationship like that?? Especially when getting out means that you have to go back to living a little “peasant girl” life!

I’m not saying that it’s bad to get out of a situation that is detrimental to you.. I am saying it took everything I had in me to do it! 

Everyone kept saying.. “You know you need to get out! A real woman wouldn’t deal with some of the stuff you do.. not if she knew who she was, and that she was loved.. Not if she knew who she was in Christ..” 

I realized it did not speak highly about my self esteem or what I believed about myself when I stayed.. But it spoke volumes when I left.. 
though it has cost all there was a lady who once told me.. 

“Peace of mind is priceless”


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