A recipe for answered prayer

2 Chr. 7:14
“If my people who are called by my name…. Will humble themselves… and pray… seek my face… and turn…. from their wicked ways.
Then will I hear from heaven… forgive their sins … and… heal their land!”

There are conditional promises contained in this verse I want to show you to prove God is a selective listener.

God has prepared great things for those who love Him, those who fear Him… those who seek Him. That brings me to the first point that must be made In this text..
God says in this verse… “if My people” if that’s not conditional I don’t know what is… we have to realize that if we are not his people this promise doesn’t refer to us at all…
His people… everybody who calls on the name of the Lord are not His, just like everybody that dies doesn’t go to heaven.. we are all “not” God’s children…
Whose your daddy!? That’s my first question.

Then come on let’s hit the next hot topic for probing… “are you called by his name?” Now what exactly does that mean? If we are his people, it insinuates.. we are his… some of us have children…like me… if I call them by name, they know who is calling them.. they are mine.. they are not the neighbors child, nor are they the child of the person up the street.. so they are required to respond to me differently… because they are mine.. even if my daughter called my son, with a command from me, she would have to then use my name and say… mama said….. are you responding to his voice because you are his people..

Now after you’ve settled these things there is more…..

Have you humbled yourself? Many times, I believe we even pray prideful.. with a spirit of entitlement.. saying God.. I deserve! You should! Why me? But when we come to him broken and realizing our need for him as we call on his name we realize our sufficiency comes only from him… I think sometimes, for some people in particular…human beings.. being truly humbled… before God, is a whole other concept.. but this is part of the recipe..

Next question on the docket…

Do you seek his face? It’s sad how many people who call themselves Christians have absolutely no prayer life at all… they don’t seek the face of the Lord, only others… this to me is saddening
. Because it’s part of the recipe…he calls us not only to humble ourselves as pray, but to seek his face..through prayer.time spent with God is never time wasted..

Have you turned from your wicked ways? Ways… that’s your way of doing things that is contrary to the will, plan and purpose of God revealed in his word, even through your own conscious mind.. we know stealing is wrong, yet many do it habitually, even lying, cheating others.. it’s subtle sometimes though.. like pride..

Have we truly turned from that hidden sin no-one knows about..?

Then once you’ve done all these things.. your recipe for answered prayer.. God makes some promises.. he will not only hear from heaven, he will forgive your sin, and heal our land..
This is what we want.
But are we willing to follow the recipe?


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