That’s what Faith is!

Have you ever been asked that special question?

So, What exactly is faith? How would you define it?

Don’t you know the famous answer….

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for and it is the evidence of things not seen”

Sure we are good at quoting the Hebrews 11:1 version of the definition, but in the greek  it means something totally different..

Did you know you can not buy faith? No-one sells it.. And no-one can lay hands on you and pray for you and you receive faith! Faith is like a muscle although everyone are given muscles all over their body when they are born.. it is totally up to them how well they develop those muscles.. You see it over and over again in elderly people … If they hadn’t developed good bones by strengthening them.. well, breaks happen far more easily..

Faith is in all essence.. Taking God at His word.. It is believing that b/c God said it.. that is it… and I act like it! My life shows outwardly that He has spoken to me through His word inwardly!

Faith comes only one way.. By Hearing.. and hearing by the Word Of God… How much are you and I hearing on this hour.. In the church.. We are “dared” to have more faith and sometimes coerced into it.. but the truth of that matter is.. Faith must be cultivated.. Jesus talked about faith so much.. He said if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we only have to speak to a mountain and guess what would happen to it.. It would move.. We don’t have to put in the work of picking up a shovel and digging into it for years and even decades.. that’s what faith is!

I want to make your heart ponder on this hour.. I want to challenge your perception! You see we all have faith in something.. Either we have faith in the chair we are sitting in that it won’t drop us, or we have faith in the foundation of the house we live in that it won’t cave in on us.. or we have faith that when we go to sleep at night we will wake safe and secure the next morning.. we are operating in faith every day.. and all the time.. But what if this faith took on a face.. and there was a purpose attached to it.. What if we knew most assuredly the word of God was true and believed it more than we did the weather man that made the forecast it would be rainy when we picked up our umbrella when there was no sign of rain outside as yet.. We tend to trust what the tabloids and newspapers say and be more compelled by them than we are by the Most powerful thing on the planet.. the word of God!

Let us cultivate our faith today..
Like the old folks said in the church I grew up in… Start putting your faith to work today.. Find a scripture, and milk it..

There was a man I met, I tell the story of him every-time an example like this comes up.. He was older and caring for his grandkids and one of them he was particularly fond of.. he had taught her to read as well as a 5th grader before she was in kindergarten.. granted my daughter is on that level now.. not to brag… but she’s in 1st grade and this is a testament to the power of what faith with feet can do.. He told me that He lived by this one scripture verse.. He quoted it to himself every day..

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”
Wouldn’t that dumb down our ulcer level and stress level.. Would that not make life a little more manageable if we simply believed and took it one day at a time..
How about Ask and it will be given to you.. seek and you will find.. knock and the door will be opened..

Cultivate that faith.. ask yourself .. what am I even asking God for so that He could show Himself strong in my life for.. Go get something to have faith for if you don’t have it.. What about the salvation of a loved one.. or the reconciliation of a friend who is estranged from their spouse.. or that co-worker on your job who doesn’t even care if there is a God or not.. Let’s start small but work our faith until God can show up in us in bigger things.. Will you agree with me today to work your faith as well.. Just take a scripture and place faith in it that God will accomplish it for You… That’s what faith is!

Cultivating working relationship with the God we serve by taking Him at His every word! He’s good for it!


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