What hope looks like

Isaiah 57:10
Nearing day 60 of my 90 day through the bible challenge this year I got a little weary reading all the woes and judgment pronouncements as the book of Isaiah began, but as I pushed past that.. on one of the longest books written in the bible..
I find that there are treasures in the midst of what feels like the most tedious books in the bible..
Here’s only one of my jewels for the day…
Yup, I found many!

Is. 57:10
You were tired out by the length of your road, yet you did not say it is hopeless, you found renewed strength.
Therefore you have not fainted.

This among so many other passages blessed me today because it made me ponder whom the Lord was talking to and where they were when he said it.
After a little research…I learned in this particular text he is speaking to …the children of Israel.. they had been unfaithful to the Lord God and that was what he considered spiritual adultery, not true spiritual worship, yet they thought they were truly worshipping. And after he told them what judgement looks like he consoled them. You see the Lord God knew the plans he had for his children all along, yet, he still had to penalize them for their behavior..
What good parent ever lets their child just get away with murder.. literally.. what good parent lets their child walk out in the middle of the street knowing a car is coming?
The Lord is a very gracious parent, but everyday he is angry at sin that has crept into the heart of so many.
Here he tells them he knows that things have been difficult but they were taking it, not renouncing it, and the Lord saw they were walking through it and the most amazing thing was this.. because they didn’t see need to complain, their strength was renewed, and they did not faint.
There have been many things that have happened to me, some I did to myself and others well, were done to me and I complained many times… but through it all… I realize contentment can also be a great result of hopefulness.. as long as I was content I realize I was because I had a greater hope outside the situation.


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