Relearning to ride my bike!

Today, was the first day we took our bikes as a mode of transportation…

My kids and I had talked about it last night, today we would start taking our bikes to school in the mornings! Yes! They were both excited about it at first.. But when this morning came the excitement was even higher for my son and even lower for my daughter. She had told me that she was too afraid having her training wheels taken off yesterday and her seat pulled up was like giving her a brand new bike and as much as she had begged me to get those trainers taken off, saying she was ready to be like my son and I.. when the reality set in, she didn’t feel like she was ready!

Ever done that before? Did you ever beg and belly ache for something and complain about something, then when you got it you didn’t enjoy it at first because you were to busy drenched in fear? Well, that’s where she was.. I wanted to just force her to do it.. She would be 7 years old next month.. Why in the world would she think she wasn’t adequate enough to do it!?
Sometimes we get things that we really should be ready for, and we forfeit them because in our own minds we think we are not ready for them!

I got us all out there on the road and it was show time.. I hadn’t ridden a bike in many many years and I had to hold to that saying “It’s like riding a bike, once you learn you don’t forget” I knew I knew how to ride a bike, now it was a matter of getting used to it again!

we all took off slowly.. except my son that is.. he took off speeding, not afraid at all.. He on the other side of the spectrum had begged me for the bike and was completely ready to have one and rock that thing.. He was getting up out of the saddle riding that thing as fast as he could not even afraid of falling! It was amazing to watch.. Not even I was that radical!

During the ride to school.. I had my daughter who was at the one extreme… behind us all yelling: “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” Then there was me in the middle, trying to figure this thing out and keep the handle bars straight.. then there was my son who was excelling above us all as though he knew exactly what he had been doing, and he had been doing it for years, all he needed was space and opportunity! We had all different mindsets, while we all could have been on my sons level up in front.. we all were on different levels.. so it is with life and the people in it.
Sometimes it hard to realize that Everyone Is on A different level.. And just as I had to retrain my mind and recondition my legs and behind.. to what it is to ride a bike.. so my daughter did even though she had a bike the whole time she was darting out into new territory and that’s what it felt like for me.. but I was trying my best to encourage her.

On my way home I thought I would certainly be smooth sailing. I wouldn’t have to stop the bike as often.. Boy was I wrong. It’s like driving a car, you never get to make a full trip without having to hit the breaks every now and then.. Thankfully, in Texas we have given a lane to cyclist and I was thankful for that, but I did not want to ride my bike in the middle of the street even though the side walks were VERY NARROW! I tried riding the side walk and that was a mistake.. as there are no provisions for you on the side walk as a bike rider..

I fell with a very hard bang today.. because I decided I would maneuver the side walk.. At first it was very hard going up a hill but on the decline I started to go faster and faster and faster and there was no provision made for me at the end of the curb… I tried to hit the breaks and the bike sent me flying.. I couldn’t believe the pain I felt as I hit my knee, elbow and head.. All the places that should have been covered by protective gear.. I lay there awhile, not wanting anyone to see me, but really unable to jump right up and act as though nothing happened.. I found myself thinking.. “how did that happen!”
Ever found yourself in a situation, you were trying to do something new and good and BAM you hit the ground hard and think to yourself.. Phew this isn’t as easy as I thought!

I got up and kept on pushing my way forward, I thought I had known how to ride a bike.. But riding a bike is not as easy as walking, although I got home a lot sooner and I cut the travel time in half from yesterday I now came home not only with sore inner thighs and legs from pedaling.. I came home with soar elbow, knee and head.. So it is now recovery time, then back in the saddle later or tomorrow!

If at first you don’t succeed, just dust off and get up and try again!
Relearning to ride a bike is much like retraining the mind.. I don’t have to work the pedals of gas and the wind propels or I push against it, but either way, it’s a way of life.. Learn the way then master it to move to the next level!


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