The Jesus who touches Lepers!

We don’t like to think of ourselves in this way, but as sure as we live some of us are…

You know… us Christians… towards… them…. you know them… the sinners..

Once we get to be saved for a little time, we expect even those who are just coming to Christ to be just like us.. Perfection and nothing less..
So when the young lady comes in the church whose skirt is too high, and shirt is too low.. Well, we hold our heads down and try our best to keep our husband’s attention..

You know how it is when that brother comes in the church house.. smelling like he just came straight from the club.. Or the dumpster.. Either way, they are not welcomed into (some) of our clicks and while we say, we don’t think like that let us see what it would look like if a person sat next to us we could smell a mile away.. If we won’t get up and move along..

And what of the person who is sick… and bowed down.. Don’t we want to just change our seats, in case they just might cough on us! With this whole Ebola scare we’ve been treating people like “lepers”  …. “inhumane” I’m saddened to say it but even Christians were running for cover in Texas not wanting to give up their lives to help someone else who seemed to have this deadly disease.. You know it’s like how we get when we know the person we are sitting next to has HIV or AIDS, we start being extra sensitive about the hugs we give trying to make sure we don’t have any open cuts or don’t touch them in the wrong way where they can somehow spread their “disease” to us…

Well, that’s something like what was happened right around Matthew 8… I was stunned as I read the first few verses of the chapter.. “This is a scandalous Jesus” I thought..

Do you know anything about lepers.. First things first they weren’t even supposed to be out among the crowds, but it would certainly be easy for them to get to Jesus seeing all the people running away from them would be the first indicator.. somethings coming that’s…. Well… Unclean!

The “unclean” leper… Or in our time Ebola or AIDS filled person walks right up to Jesus and falls down to worship Him.. and He (being the Son of God) does not run away… As a matter of fact in this one instance.. “Jesus touches the man” O my.. Have you lost your mind Jesus.. We would all be standing their thinking.. Now this man who is going around like the good Samaritan is about to get the Ebola and die.. This is just sad.. You mean He didn’t use protective gloves.. no protective gear.. O now, see I might have to stay away from Him awhile.. Maybe He needs to go into a 21 day isolation.. We need to see if He’s contracted anything before we can let Him be out amongst the public again.. You know sort of how we are treating those people who were on the plane with the nurse or who are coming to our country from West Africa.. It’s the saddest truth but it is nevertheless…

On contact… this man was healed.. I mean all the disease.. the deadly disease.. All traces of it had evaporated.. there was no more traces to be found.. He walked away from Jesus headed to the Priest to get the report that He was completely healed..

Let me tell you a little about Leprosy.. they were placed in confinement because it was a horrible skin disease that ate away at the skin, and limbs would fall off, they could not work, they could not possibly feed themselves with a shriveled up arm.. there was no way these people could live with their families.. Makes me get sad about “King Uziah” You have gotta read that story about the days after he entered that temple and got mad at those priest…

This is amazing, because all He needed was what Naaman had.. An encounter with the King of kings.. That’s what this leper got… and sure enough a disease that was killing everyone else… didn’t kill him…

So we had a more serious disease.. we were certainly headed for the worst of deaths… We were born with this disease and had we not met the master physician who was willing to touch us that we might be cleaned we would most certainly be on our way to a burning hell with no chance of parole or probation.. But this Jesus.. He saw touching and healing this leper as the same thing as touching and healing us.. having come from living in the palace down to the slums this was why He had come and it may seem scandalous to some.. But it was most certainly the passion of our Savior God!


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